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Automatic Renewals

The Eagle Valley Library District aims to make your life easier by automatically renewing the items you have checked out.

All eligible Eagle Valley Library items checked will automatically renew three (3) days before they are due. Eligible items will be automatically renewed up to two times, unless your item is on hold for another patron, or your account isn't in good standing. Each auto-renewal gives you an additional full loan period, and we'll notify you of the new, extended due date via email notices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times will an item renew?

Items will be automatically renewed up to two times.

Are there items that won’t be renewed?

Items cannot be renewed if:

• The item is on hold for another patron

• The two renewal limit has been reached

• Your account is blocked or expired

How do automatic renewals work?

Three days before items are due, our system will check your account for eligible items and renew them.

Won’t I have less time to borrow an item?

No. Items are renewed three days before the item is due, but the new due date is calculated using the original due date.

Will I get a notice that items have been renewed?

If you have chosen to receive notices by email or texts, you will get a notice that items have been renewed. The notice will provide the new due dates for each item and any items that weren’t renewed. To ensure you receive these notices, please check that your email address is current in your account and that you have opted-in to receiving email or texts notices. You can review and update your email address online or by speaking with Eagle Valley Library staff.

If an item did not auto-renew and I don’t return it on time, are there still fines?

Yes. Fines for books and other materials are $.10 cents per day per item (exceptions include: Spark Studio items, Library of Things, Lucky Day Collection and State Park Passes, which are a $1 per day per item) with a $3.00 maximum. You’ll also still be responsible for lost or damaged library items that have been billed to your account.  

Can I opt out of auto-renewals?

Not at this time.

What if I want to renew eligible items myself?

You can prior to the automatic renewal (i.e. sooner than three days before due date). If renewing items yourself helps you have a better library experience, renew as you please! There is no real benefit to manual renewals - they won't give you more chances to renew, or longer borrowing periods.

More Information on Renewing Library Items

If you don't find what you need using the information above, please contact your local branch.

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