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Authors in Autumn posted by Robyn

Join the Eagle Library for talks by Colorado authors Kathy Heicher, Gojan Nikolich, and Heather Sappenfield from 1 – 5 pm on Saturday, Sept. 25th.  This is a free event with author presentations, books sales/signings, and refreshments.

Kathy Heicher’s Early Eagle was the first of several books she has written about Eagle County history, and her accounts are excellent resources for residents and visitors alike – anyone who wants to know more about the Eagle valley.  She has written about the miners, farmers and ranchers, homesteaders and notable townspeople of the last century.  She also published The Bridges of Eagle County: a story of pioneers, politics and progress, featuring the steel arch of Red Cliff, and the historic significance of other notable bridges and the roles they played in our county’s progress.  In Eagle County Characters: Historic Tales of a Colorado Mountain Valley, Kathy writes entertaining and informative stories about colorful settlers and adventurous pioneers who shaped our community into what it is today.

In The Gopher King: a dark comedy by Gojan Nikolich, Stan Przewalski is a former platoon sergeant who was the sole survivor of a jungle ambush in the Vietnam War.  After revisiting his past on a Vietnam sightseeing tour, Stan returns home to deal with PTSD, at the same time grieving the loss of his wife.  Despite his suicidal tendencies and heavy medication, he tries to cope and continues his job as a small town newspaper publisher in Bull River Falls, Colorado.  His community is also undergoing a lot of issues - the unsolved murder of a young girl, golf course development, and a raging wildfire.  As Stan reports on these local stories, he meets Chaz, a gopher who leads his own army.  Chaz also wears papa trooper boots and rock band tee shirts.  This story, which has been described as a mash-up of Platoon and Caddyshack, is magical realism at its best - about the friendship between Stan and Chaz, aka the Gopher King.

In Lyrics for Rock Stars: stories, Heather Sappenfield has written an eclectic collection of Colorado short stories with a vast array of characters having epiphanies. Part One features “Songs of Innocence”, with coming of age tales where young people often have revelations, causing them to grow up quickly.  A teen girl has a crush on a cowboy, a young boy learns about the KKK, and a daughter discovers her burro racing dad is not the hero she thinks he is.  Adult stories in “Songs of Wisdom” feature a mother who escapes to see wild horses in Utah, a skiing instructor looking after the safety of her inexperienced student, a pregnant woman drawn to a musician who is not her husband, and a centenarian watching man’s first walk on the moon.  Each story truly feels like a new song, and this collection is a love letter to our beautiful state of Colorado.


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