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The Blue Hour posted by Robyn

The Blue Hour is a true love story to the mountains and the people who live in them.  It is a quiet collection of interweaving short stories which result in a beautifully written novel.  Each chapter focuses on a resident in the small community of fictional Blue Moon Mountain, Colorado.  The first narrative sets the tone when Sy, the town’s local and beloved veterinarian, commits suicide.  His death impacts his wife, children, friends, neighbors and colleagues in various ways.  Each story reveals how the locals react to this event, as they deal with their own life struggles.  The book is made up of several voices, and is told in first, second and third person which makes for a unique and well developed cast of characters.  This poetic title is the perfect winter read with a story that spans the onset of winter - harsh, desolate yet hauntingly beautiful as the snow falls.  It is a tale of heartache and loneliness, family and friendship, and love and compassion in its many forms.  Author Laura Pritchett is one of Eagle Valley Library District’s celebrated guest authors at Books in Bloom on Saturday, May 4th. Joining her are authors Tara Conklin and Matthew Sullivan.

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