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Confessions on the 7:45 posted by Robyn

Selena Murphy is a working mom who suspects her deadbeat husband is having an affair with the nanny of their two young sons.  She moves the nanny cam and views it from her desk at work to have her worst fears confirmed.  Shaken and upset, Selena leaves work late and then finds herself stuck on the commuter train home when it stalls on the tracks.  She and another woman strike up a conversation.  The woman introduces herself as Martha, and confesses to Selena that she is having an affair with her boss.  Selena finds this stranger very easy to talk with, and ends up telling Martha about her own situation.  After the train ride, the women part ways, not making plans to cross paths again.  Within days Selena’s nanny goes missing, and she begins receiving mysterious texts from Martha, whom she didn’t share contact information with.  Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger is a cautionary tale for us all – be careful to whom you tell your darkest secrets!  This title is also available on audio.

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