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Daisy Darker posted by Robyn

“Daisy Darker’s family wasted far too many years lying.  They spent their final hours together learning lessons before dying.”

It’s Halloween at the Seaglass estate, a crumbling gothic house on a stormy island in Cornwall.  The Darker family is estranged and dysfunctional.  Daisy Darker is the title character and narrator of this story – she was born with a damaged heart, and felt unwanted by her family.  30 years later, she is not close to her divorced parents or two older sisters – Rose and Lily.  She has always been very tight with her nana, who is having her 80th Halloween birthday party. The family reconvenes for the celebration, joined by Lily’s teenage daughter Trixie, and family friend and neighbor Connor.  Darker matriarch Nana upsets the family that evening when she leaves the estate to young Trixie.  She also has told the family she would not see age 80, and events play out when she is found by great-granddaughter Trixie dead in the kitchen, right before midnight.  As the high tide and storm prevents the family from seeking help, events unfold in chapters told hour by hour, with family members perishing, one by one.  The killer is leaving clues spelled out on Scrabble pieces, along with events from the family’s history recorded on old VHS tapes, which survivors watch for clues.  Daisy Darker, a suspenseful tale by Alice Feeney, is a classic closed room mystery, with twists and turns which will stump even the most voracious mystery readers!  This book is also available in audio.

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