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The Drowning Kind posted by Robyn

In The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon, sisters Jackie and Lexie grew up spending their summers splashing in the mysterious and bottomless pool at their grandmother’s estate home in Vermont.  They were haunted by the stories of the aunt they never met, who drowned in this natural springs pool as a child.  Now adults, Lexie has inherited the estate but seems mentally unwell.  Jackie has estranged herself and is working as a social worker, far away.  But when she hears of her sister’s drowning (after ignoring her phone calls), Jackie is devastated and feels great guilt after not taking Lexie’s last call.  She returns to the family home and finds out more than she bargained for about the pool’s history.  In alternate chapters, we learn more about this haunted body of water by a young woman named Ethel Monroe, whose baby daughter cannot stay healthy without its healing properties.  But with the remedy comes a cost.  This is a fun summer thriller sure to keep the reader turning the page – is the pool haunted or is foul play at work?  This title is also available for check out in audio.

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