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The Exiles posted by Robyn

The Exiles by Christina Baker Kline focuses on the different paths of three young women in 1840s England and Australia.  Evangeline is a young governess in London who is pregnant and finds herself wrongfully sent to Newgate Prison for several months before she is exiled to a penal colony in Australia – Van Diemen’s Land, also known as the “land beyond the seas”.  On the repurposed slave ship she meets Hazel, another young woman sentenced for stealing a silver spoon.  Hazel is a midwife and herbalist, which comes in handy when Evangeline is ready to give birth during their voyage.  Mathinna is a very young orphan native girl in Australia, who is reluctantly taken in by the new governor’s wife.  The lives of these three characters intersect as they each undergo different types of injustice.  This novel is based on actual events, and Kline has produced another fine piece of historical fiction about a period in time not widely known.  Also available in audio.

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