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The Good Sister posted by Robyn

In The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth, Fern and Rose Castle are twins who have always been there for each other, especially after being raised by an unreliable single mother and experiencing a tragic incident during their teen years.  As adults, they continue to have very different personalities.  Fern is a public librarian who deals with a sensory disorder.  Rose is married and finds she is infertile, yet she longs for a child.  Rose is also protective of Fern and the two remain close.  Fern feels indebted to her sister for the protection she has offered most of their lives, so considers carrying a child for her.  Told by viewpoints of both sisters, this family based thriller is a story about truths, lies, and the grey are in between. Who is the good sister in their relationship?  This title is also available in CD audiobook.

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