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Jennifer Weiner's Summer Books posted by Robyn

Jennifer Weiner has cranked out a new summer book for the past three years.  Though unrelated, these stories all have the common theme of family, romance, and intrigue taking place on Cape Cod in the summer time.  These make great beach reads, and can be read in any order.  They are also available in audio CD format for car trips.

In Big Summer, Daphne Berg is a plus size Instagram influenzer who has been asked by an old high school classmate to be her maid of honor at a posh society wedding in Cape Cod.  Drue Cavanaugh is worldly, beautiful, rich and famous, but was quite the “mean girl” in high school.  She has burned a lot of bridges over the years with her unkind behavior.  Daphne wonders why Drue would want to reunite with her six years later, but soon realizes Drue has few real friends left.  Daphne is trusting in nature and wants to see the goodness in Drue, so accepts the wedding invitation despite the warnings from her best friend Darshi.  Daphne has been down on her luck in romance, and meets a handsome mysterious stranger the night before the wedding.  A stranger who disappears the next morning when a potential murder has taken place in a hot tub outside Daphne’s guest bedroom.

In That Summer, Daisy Shoemaker and Diana Starling cross paths as a result of having similar email addresses.  Daisy’s given name is Diana, and she is married with a teenage daughter and is an accomplished cook and homemaker.  Diana is a single career woman, but has a past she would like to recover from, and is hoping to do that by “accidentally” meeting Daisy.  The two very different women become friends, despite the fact that Daisy doesn’t know Diana’s true agenda. 

The Summer Place is a current day, post Co-vid story about a family preparing for a wedding on Cape Cod.  Chapters are told in various viewpoints by different family members.  Sarah feels she must step back when her step-daughter Ruby announces her engagement to Gabe, her recent boyfriend who moved in with the family during the pandemic.  Ruby’s dad Eli is troubled by the news, and holds on to a secret with potentially devastating consequences.  Step grandmother Ronnie agrees to host the wedding at the family estate, but has her own troubled past.  Step uncle Sam, Sarah’s twin brother, is a single dad and widower who is having an epiphany about his own life path.  This dynamic family story keeps the reader enthralled as events unfold.

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