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Klara and the Sun posted by Robyn

Klara is a solar powered AF (Artificial Friend) who begins her story from a store window as she observes activities on the street and waits for someone to purchase her.  She is an older model, and realizes she has competition as she sees new AFs arrive in the store.  But customer 13-year-old Josie takes a shine to Klara, and wishes her to be a companion.  Klara finally makes her way into a home, and finds herself part of a family.  She is quiet yet wise, and continues her observations in the household as she becomes more than an AF to young Josie. Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro is a powerful tale about family, friendship, mortality, and the power of the sun.   It is a lyrically told story that will stay with the reader well after the last page.  And one may never think about the sun in quite the same way again!

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