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The Last Romantics posted by Robyn

The Last Romantics is a family story about four siblings in Connecticut who lose their father unexpectedly in 1981.  Their mother secludes herself to the bedroom, and what becomes known as “The Pause” begins.  Eldest sister Renee is 11 years old, and takes on the everyday duties to keep the family together.  8-year-old Caroline suffers nightmares, and 7-year-old Joe is the only son who struggles with his grief as he tries to harness his energy in a positive way.  The narrator of this novel is youngest child Fiona, who is age 4 when the story begins.  This coming of age tale sees the children into adulthood, and reveals how each of them handles “The Pause".  Fiona becomes a blogger who evolves into a celebrated poet in her later years.  Her poetry refers to the mysterious Luna, who has had a significant impact on the family.  This beautiful story with well-developed characters focuses on family bonds, responsibilities, and life choices; as each sibling handles love, fate and loss in a unique way.  This title is also available in audio. Author Tara Conklin is one of Eagle Valley Library District’s celebrated guest authors at Books in Bloom on Saturday, May 4th.   Joining her are authors Matthew Sullivan and Laura Pritchett.

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