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Leave the World Behind posted by Robyn

In Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam, a New York city family of four is vacationing for a week at a luxurious rental home in Long Island for a quiet getaway.  Amanda and Clay, along with their teenaged son and daughter, are hoping for a quiet respite from city life.  However, things get complicated when the owners of the home, an elderly black couple named G.H. and Ruth, show up at the doorstep late one night.  The homeowners claim there was a blackout in the city, forcing them to return to their island home.  TV, internet, and cell phone service are down.  The question now arises - Whose house is it now, really?  Can the couples trust one another?  When a loud and unknown sound blasts overhead the following day, no one can identify it but there are a lot of theories to its origin.  Should the families stay in the home, which surprisingly still has electricity, or are they better off fleeing into the unknown?  This is a fascinating read with a unique twist on how we treat strangers and protect our families and belongings.  It also explores how dependent society has become on technology. This title is also available in audio.

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