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Mexican Gothic posted by Robyn

“He is trying is poison me … You must come for me, Noemi … You have to save me…”

So begins Mexican Gothic, a new best seller by author Silvia Moreno-Garcia. 

Noemi Taboada is a young, glamourous socialite in 1950s Mexico.  She is headstrong and fearless, so when her newlywed cousin Catalina writes a letter begging for her help she takes on the challenge.  Noemi travels to High Place, a remote mansion where Catalina lives with her handsome Englishman husband and his unwelcoming family the Doyles, who have a rich and unsettling history at the manor.  Noemi senses secrets are being kept, and she’s not sure who to believe when her unstable and sickly cousin confides in her.  The atmosphere is sinister, and she fears her cousin’s health and safety, and eventually her own when she begins having vivid nightmares as the walls surrounding her appear to take on an ominous life of their own...

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