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Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore posted by Robyn

Lydia Smith is a clerk at the Bright Ideas Bookstore.  She is a popular bookseller with a loyal fan base of book shop regulars, nicknamed the BookFrogs.  One of her biggest fans is a troubled young man named Joey Molina.  Life takes a turn for Lydia one night before closing the store.  After hearing mysterious noises upstairs, she comes across her friend, dangling from a ceiling beam in an apparent suicide.  The mystery deepens when she notices a photo in his pocket – a picture of Lydia and her two best friends at her 10th birthday party.  The photo brings up memories of Lydia’s childhood that she would like to forget.  How did Joey acquire this picture?  He had no family to speak of, so Lydia finds herself inheriting his few belongings – among them are books with cut up pages that seem to contain hidden messages.  Was Joey trying to tell her something?   Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore is an ingenious story with colorful characters, a compelling mystery, and a regional feel as it takes place in Denver and other parts of Colorado.  Author Matthew Sullivan is one of Eagle Valley Library District’s celebrated guest authors at annual Books in Bloom on Saturday, May 4th.   Joining him are authors Laura Pritchett and Tara Conklin.

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