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The Midnight Library posted by Robyn

In The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, Nora is a 35-year old woman who believes she has nothing to offer. She is so despondent that she decides to end her life.  As she contemplates acting on this, she suddenly finds herself transported to the Midnight Library, where she is reunited with her school librarian from childhood – Miss Elm.  Her favorite librarian introduces her to a library filled with an infinite array of books with various shades of green covers, where the shelves go on forever.  Miss Elm explains that each volume will show Nora a different life she will lead, often based on a seemingly insignificant choice.  In other words, Nora gets another chance to try another life each time she checks out a new book.  Nora finds herself in the position of “slider”, where she explores several books and finds herself in parallel universes.  She has many interests, and these are explored as she experiences the stories individually.  Will she lead a life as an Olympic swimmer, an arctic explorer, a musician, a philosopher, or a wife and mom?  This is a clever and insightful story that will have the reader thinking about how much our choices influence our overall happiness.  This title is also available in audio.

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