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Outlander posted by Robyn

Claire Randall has reunited with her husband Frank in 1945.  The newlyweds were separated by WWII circumstances, where Frank fought and Claire served as a combat nurse. As they take a second honeymoon in Scotland, they discover an enchanting yet mysterious circle of stones, resembling Stonehenge.  When Claire goes out alone one morning to see the stones, she is catapulted to the Scotland Highlands in 1743. She is a Sassenach, or Outlander, and finds herself in immediate danger where a country is torn by war and raiding clans.  She meets and finds safety in young Scot warrior Jamie Fraser, who is traveling with the clan that takes her in.  Claire and Jamie’s friendship develops into one of passion, which makes circumstances difficult when opportunity to return to her present day husband arises.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon was recently voted the second best title in the Great American Read.  It was published in 1992, and remains popular as an ongoing series with currently 8 titles. It has been adapted into a critically acclaimed television program which is in its third season.  The library also carries the books in audio and Playaway, and the TV series is available on DVD.

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