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Practical Magic Novels posted by Robyn

Practical Magic by acclaimed writer Alice Hoffman was introduced 25 years ago, and remains a timeless classic which has been adapted into a motion picture (available at library on DVD) and recently followed by two prequels.  Sally and Gillian are sisters adopted by Franny and Jet, their two spinster aunts in Massachusetts, after losing their parents.  The sisters grow up in an unusual environment, watching their aunts concoct love potions for women in the community.  Sally and Gillian are close yet as different as night and day. Sally is responsible and cautious, where Gillian is the free spirit who removes herself for many years.  When they reunite, Sally is a widow with two teen daughters.  Gillian has her dead boyfriend in a car…

The second book in this series, Rules of Magic, revisits the lives of the two aunts we met in the first book.  Oldest child Franny is headstrong and opinionated, Jet is shy and beautiful, and youngest sibling brother Vincent is finding his way in the world.  The three siblings come of age in New York City, and sense that their mother Susanna comes from a unique and mysterious lineage.  This is confirmed after a visit with their Aunt Isabelle, where their family name is cursed in small town Massachusetts.

Magic Lessons is the third title in the series, and it dates backs the farthest – the reader finally gets to know mysterious ancestor Maria Owens, who kicks off the family witch curse in 1600s.  Maria is abandoned as an infant and taken in by Hannah Owens, who raises and teaches her everything she knows about the black arts and the magic of love.  We follow Maria into adulthood as she makes some life-changing mistakes that only a gifted one can overcome.

The Book of Magic is the fourth and final book in the Owens family saga.  The novel begins when elderly Aunt Jet hears the deathwatch beetle and prepares for her last week on earth.  Great nieces Sally and Gillian are now middle-aged, and Sally’s daughters Kylie and Antonia are both adults – Antonia is expecting her first child and Kylie discovers the family’s curse when she experiences a personal tragedy.  Kylie is determined to break the love curse, and must travel overseas to do so, only to be followed by her mother, aunt, and great-great aunt Fanny…

These books can be stand-alone or read in any order, but most enjoyed as a series for those wanting to know the entire scope of the Owens family.  They are also available in CD audio format.

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