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Such a Fun Age posted by Robyn

Successful mommy blogger Alix Chamberlain has two small children and a high-profile newscaster husband.  When they have a late night family emergency, Alix calls on her babysitter Emira Tucker.  Emira is a millennial black woman who is out late celebrating a birthday with friends.  When she gets the call, Emira agrees to come pick up 3-year-old Briar, whom she adores.  In order to get Briar out of the house, Emira takes her to a nearby whole foods store.  The next thing she knows, she is approached by the store’s security guard, who regards her as suspicious.  The confrontation gets out of hand, and a bystander films the incident and encourages Emira to press charges.  Alix is impressed by how her young employee handled the situation, and is suddenly intrigued with Emira’s personal life.  Alix’s fascination with her young charge results in good intentions gone awry, with a chain of life altering events.  Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid was a New York Times bestseller and Reese Witherspoon book club pick.  This title is also available in audio.

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