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Titles by Books in Bloom author Marisa de los Santos posted by Robyn

Love Walked In is a heartfelt story about different kinds of love and its power.  Cornelia Brown is a young woman working in a coffee house, and her life takes a turn when handsome, dashing Martin Grace walks in the door.  While Cornelia is being swept off her feet, another story is taking place across town. 11-year-old Clare Hobbs is growing up fast as she helplessly watches her single mother’s mental breakdown.  Marisa de los Santos tells the story of these two female protagonists with a quiet grace, as she artfully shares both the heartbreak and wonder of true love and how it changes a person.

In Belong to Me, we read more about Cornelia and Clare, with a new cast of characters.  Cornelia has moved to the suburbs and is getting acquainted with her neighbors.  She meets Piper, an influential power mom who takes an instant dislike to Cornelia.  Elizabeth is Piper’s best friend who is battling cancer.  Lake is a single mom who is also new to the area – she and Cornelia bond and become good friends.  This story shares the perspectives of all of these women as they deal with their own pasts, heartbreaks and surprises.

I’ll be Your Blue Sky was recently released, and is the third installment focusing on Cornelia and Clare. The story begins with Clare as an adult, the day before her wedding.  She is having second thoughts, and her meeting with a mysterious elderly woman named Edith reinforces her doubts.  The book alternates chapters with Clare in present day and Edith in the 1950s, as Edith’s significant past contributions are revealed.

Join Marisa de los Santos at Books in Bloom on Saturday, May 5th.  She will be joined by fellow authors   Ausma Zehanat Khan and William Kent Krueger.

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