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The Woman in the Library posted by Robyn

Four strangers are working quietly at a reading table in the Boston Public Library - two women and two men, and two of them are writers.  After the sound of a woman’s scream, they are told by library security guards to remain seated.  The four people begin talking – introductions are made and they bond very quickly at a coffee shop after leaving the premises.  Breaking news later reveals that a woman was murdered in the library that morning, so the foursome is quite rattled and continues to stay in touch. 

This story is told by Harriet, who becomes fast friends with the other woman Marigold.  She also has a mutual attraction for fellow writer Caine, and the other man Whit appears to pair off with Marigold.  Despite the recent friendships she has made, Harriet senses that one of this group knows more about the scream than they are letting on.  Harriet’s account is interspersed with letters by an author’s friend, which gives the reader a feel that this novel is a manuscript for a book in the making.  Or is it?  Find out in The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill.

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