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  • Aug 22, 2022

    Malibu Rising posted by Robyn

    Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid focuses on four adult siblings in Malibu, California.    Read More »

  • Aug 09, 2022

    Like Water for Chocolate posted by Robyn

    If you’re still looking for a book with “water” in the title for your Adult Summer Reading log - consider the 1990 Mexican classic novel, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel.  Tita is the youngest of three daughters on the De la Garza ranch.  Widowed Mama Elena insists that Tita will never...    Read More »

  • Jul 25, 2022

    Remarkably Bright Creatures posted by Robyn

    In Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt, a 70-year-old widow works the night shift as janitor at Sowell Bay Aquarium in Seattle.  Tova Sullivan  has led a sad life after losing her only child 30 years ago.  Her son Erik was 18 when he disappeared from a boat in Puget Sound, and is...    Read More »

  • Jul 12, 2022

    The Lincoln Highway posted by Robyn

    In June of 1954, 18-year-old Emmett returns to his Nebraska home after serving time in a juvenile work farm.  Emmett served over a year for involuntary manslaughter, but his father passed away and he is released early to care for his 8-year-old brother Billy.    Read More »

  • Jun 27, 2022

    The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek and The Book Woman's Daughter posted by Robyn

    In The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, Cussy Mary Carter is 19 years old and living alone with her coal mining father who wants to see her married.  Cussy takes pride in her job as pack horse librarian in 1936 Kentucky.  She has several patrons along the route who refer to her as “book...    Read More »

  • Jun 13, 2022

    Jennifer Weiner's Summer Books posted by Robyn

    Jennifer Weiner has cranked out a new summer book for the past three years.  Though unrelated, these stories all have the common theme of family, romance, and intrigue taking place on Cape Cod in the summer time.  These make great beach reads, and can be read in any order.  They are also available in audio CD format for car trips.    Read More »

  • May 24, 2022

    The Maid posted by Robyn

    In The Maid by Nina Prose, Molly is a very devoted housekeeper at the Regency Grand Hotel, where she takes her job very seriously.  Her OCD behavior makes her perfect for her job, and her quirky personality and lack of social skills result in her being somewhat of a loner. ...    Read More »

  • May 09, 2022

    Mother May I posted by Robyn

    Bree is certain she sees a witch peering in her bedroom window one morning.  She is married to a wealthy lawyer whom she adores, and they have two adolescent daughters and an infant son.  She has a busy day ahead of her and tries to shake off the ominous appearance, chalking it up to a bad dream.  But her worst nightmare is realized when two-month old Robert abruptly disappears at the school later that day.  Bree finds herself talking on a disposable phone which was planted at her house.  The...    Read More »

  • Apr 24, 2022

    The Reading List posted by Robyn

    Aleisha is a teenager working a summer job at the local public library while she distracts herself from a troubled homelife.  Mukesh is a grieving widower whose wife was a voracious reader, and he is trying to connect to his young bookworm granddaughter.  Mukesh makes his way into the library and approaches Aleisha, asking her for a recommendation on a good book to read.  Not much of a reader herself, Aleisha is rude to the old man and not helpful.  After he leaves empty handed, she feels bad...    Read More »

  • Apr 11, 2022

    The Five Wounds posted by Robyn

    The Five Wounds by Kirstin Valdez Quade is a family story taking place in present day New Mexico, where colorful relatives present varying viewpoints among five generations of the Padilla family.  Central character Amadeo is down on his luck – he's an unemployed alcoholic...    Read More »


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