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  • Mar 18, 2022

    Books in Bloom posted by Robyn

    What do authors Karen Abbott, Melanie Benjamin, and Carter Wilson have in common?  Not only are they all best-selling authors with several books to their names, they are each speaking at Eagle Valley Library District’s Books in Bloom, an afternoon celebration of authors and reading which will resume after a two-year hiatus.  This year’s event is from 2 – 5 pm on Saturday, April 30th, at the Westin in Avon.    Read More »

  • Mar 07, 2022

    Mrs. March posted by Robyn

    In Mrs. March by Virginia Feito, the title character is the wife of a best-selling author who has just published another smash hit.  When the woman at the local bakery counter comments that the lead character must be based on Mrs. March, she begins to question this possibility...    Read More »

  • Feb 22, 2022

    Rock, Paper, Scissors posted by Robyn

    In Rock, Paper, Scissors, a married couple often plays this title game when making decisions or solving disputes.  Alicia and Adam Wright are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary with a remote getaway weekend in Scotland in the dead of winter.    Read More »

  • Feb 07, 2022

    Before the Coffee gets Cold posted by Robyn

    Before the Coffee gets Cold, a popular and thoughtful novel translated from Japanese author Toshikazu Kawaguchi , is about an underground 100-year old Tokyo café where customers can go back in time by sitting in a particular chair.  There are several rules and...    Read More »

  • Jan 24, 2022

    Five Tuesdays in Winter posted by Robyn

    Five Tuesdays in Winter by Lily King is an eclectic collection of short stories.    Read More »

  • Jan 10, 2022

    West with Giraffes posted by Robyn

    Woodrow Wilson Nickel is 105 years old in the year 2025.  He lives in a nursing home and is writing about his life – going back to 1938 when he was a 17-year-old orphan.  He was the only survivor in his family after a dust storm in the Texas panhandle.  He moved to the east coast to find his cousin, but outlived him too.  An Atlantic hurricane crashes a ship with two giraffes who have miraculously survived, though one of them is injured and fragile.  Young Woody is fascinated by the creatures,...    Read More »

  • Dec 27, 2021

    It's Not All Downhill from Here posted by Robyn

    Loretha Curry is getting ready to celebrate her 68th birthday on New Year’s Eve.  She is not particularly close to her twin half-sister Odessa, who was born soon after her on New Year’s Day.  Despite this, Loretha is happily married to husband #3, is a career woman who is financially secure with a beauty supply business, and has a strong network of girlfriends she has known since childhood.   When tragedy strikes, Loretha finds herself relying on her friends and family, at the same time...    Read More »

  • Dec 13, 2021

    Bridgerton Novels posted by Robyn

    The Duke & I is the first book in the Bridgerton romance series by Julia Quinn.  This title inspired the popular Netflix adaptation, where book one is played out in the first season.  Simon Bassett is the Duke of Hastings – he is an only child whose father disowned him due to his childhood stutter.    Read More »

  • Nov 27, 2021

    The Night Always Comes posted by Robyn

    The Night Always Comes by Willy Vlautin is a quiet yet powerful story about Lynette, a young woman who is living with her single aging mother, while also looking out for her older disabled brother Kenny.  Lynette has seen her share of heartbreak and is trying to turn...    Read More »

  • Nov 08, 2021

    Olympus, Texas posted by Robyn

    Olympus, Texas by Stacey Swann is a family saga – the Briscoe family in this small east Texas community are the talk of the town.  Patriarch Peter Briscoe has six adult children by three different women.  Long suffering wife June finds herself playing the matriarch role to the offspring who are not her own...    Read More »


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