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  • Aug 07, 2020

    The Bookseller posted by Robyn

    In Cynthia Swanson's novel The Bookseller, Kitty and Frieda have been best friends since childhood.  As adults, they are single career women who own Sisters bookshop.  It’s 1962 in Denver, and times are changing.    Read More »

  • Jul 27, 2020

    Instant Calm: 2-minute meditations to create a lifetime of happy posted by Robyn

    This charming little book packs some great advice with Zen mindfulness tips and ways to enhance the meditative experience.  Twenty-five mini meditations (approximately two minutes each) are divided by the five senses.  The first section of the book focuses on sight meditations, which provide pages of dot exercises.  These are followed by smell meditations, focusing on essential oils and fragrances.  Sound meditations include explanations on forest bathing and selective listening.  Touch and...    Read More »

  • Jul 13, 2020

    Two Steps Forward posted by Robyn

    Zoe is grieving her husband’s sudden death and decides to walk the Chemin – an ancient pilgrimage walk from France to Spain, known as the Camino de Santiago.  She literally crosses paths with divorced Martin, an English engineer who is testing his own designed cart on the trail.  Each of them tells their story in alternate chapters – which makes for a heartfelt tale about their adventures on their walk as they hope to come to peace with themselves and resolve issues life has thrown their way. ...    Read More »

  • Jun 29, 2020

    Celine posted by Robyn

    Celine is the title character in Peter Heller's book about an older woman who is an unconventional private investigator.    Read More »

  • Jun 19, 2020

    Where the Crawdads Sing posted by Robyn

    In Where the Crawdads Sing, written by Delia Owens, the reader is introduced to Kya.  She is abandoned by all the members of her family.  First her mother leaves when Kya is very young.  Her older siblings leave one by one, and last to leave is the abusive father...    Read More »

  • Jun 08, 2020

    The Last Mrs. Parrish posted by Robyn

    This cautionary tale told by two women is the perfect example of “Be careful what you wish for!” Amber Patterson is trying to escape a dark past and assumes a new identity.  She does her research and befriends Daphne, wife to handsome and extremely wealthy Jackson Parrish.  Amber becomes Daphne’s “best friend” when she invents a story that she lost a beloved sister to the same disease which Daphne’s sister died from years ago.    Read More »

  • May 11, 2020

    The World that We Knew posted by Robyn

    Hanni, a mother in Berlin during WWII, must send her 12 year old daughter Lea to safety.  She is unable to flee with her child, as she is taking care of her ailing mother.  Hanni reaches out to a nearby rabbi, but his young daughter Ettie is the one who helps by creating a Golem, a mystical Jewish creature who will protect Lea on her escape and travels.  Ava is brought to life and becomes Lea’s protector and friend.  Alice Hoffman's latest novel, ...    Read More »

  • Mar 28, 2020

    Nothing to See Here posted by Robyn

    Lillian is a young woman with an interesting past – despite taking the fall for classmate Madison which resulted in her being expelled from prep school, she has maintained their contact over the years.    Read More »

  • Mar 10, 2020

    Two Books by Books in Bloom Author Karen Abbott posted by Robyn

    The Ghosts of Eden Park: the Bootleg King, the Women who pursued him, and the Murder that shocked Jazz-Age America is true crime at its best.  It is a factual account about prohibition that reads somewhat like a novel.  German immigrant George Remus was a self-made...    Read More »


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