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Bozhe moi! [My God!]

We've all heard stories about records being lost in town hall fires and floods,  monastery libraries ravaged by infidels (even infidel co-religionists), and folk just throwing out piles of photographs and papers when a loved one dies without sorting for importance. The documentation for historical purposes is critical in that local history becomes local myth and legend without a little backup. And thank God for backup.  My hard drive crashed but no images were lost due to the forward-thinking Anne Johnson who provided me with a Buffalo hard drive months ago and a spot on our server (can we spell redundancy?).  However, it will take me just a little while to regroup, up the blood pressure meds and wait for a new machine. In case you might think I've been slacking, here are a few photos, not historical nor relevant, not even good.   Hope 2011 is getting off to a good start for you.  I have no comment on this year to date....

Commuting through Glenwood Canyon

Waiting for new computer


Love your post as usual, and thanks for thanking me. Wish I could have done more...sigh

I, too, enjoy your postings..... sorry it happened but hooray for Anne! Hang in there!!!!!

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