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I'll Cross that Bridge When I Come to It

Or maybe not.  If we remember a blog from April 2012 Truss Me, we know that the green bridge on Highway 6 at Dotsero was slated for removal. " In the case of the Dotsero Bridge, crossing the Colorado River on US Highway 6, historic status was granted because the bridge is part of the federal highway system created during the early 20th century and for its association with a trans-continental highway. It is also a good example of a rigid-connected Parker through truss."

April 2012 April 2012


CDOT has been building a new bridge and constructing a round-a-bout for access from Highway 6 onto I-70.  The process has been proceeding apace and this week, I noticed some huge cranes hovering over the green bridge.  Very distracting as I went whizzing by on I-70, so a special stop was in order.

Cranes Cranes


Sure enough, with the new bridge constructed, the next step was to remove the old bridge.  Rather than an explosion, dumping the bridge into the river [I'd sort of hoped to see that], CDOT used huge cranes to first remove the center section of the structure, lifting it onto flatbed trucks for removal. IMG_1717The huge cranes were then taken down and work was beginning on both ends of the bridge structure this morning.  One less distraction for my morning commute; one less historic bridge for Eagle County.  Happy Trails with Roundabouts for all...

Photos taken from the Stephens nursery. Photos taken from the Stephens nursery.


Rose quartz boulders in roundabout. Rose quartz boulders in roundabout.




What did they do with the large rose quartz boulder that were in that area?

Happily those boulders are now in the middle of the roundabout, Greta.

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