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Preservation and Nimon-Walker

What better way to recognize National Preservation Week (April 24-30, 2011) than to celebrate Local History in Eagle County.  Since 2001, the Eagle Valley Library District, in cooperation with the Eagle County Historical society, has recognized individuals whose work has helped preserve the history of Eagle County by the Nimon Walker Award [Jim Nimon and Louise Walker being the first recipients]. The Beck Family of Red Cliff, the eastern end of Eagle County, is the 2011 recipient of the Nimon-Walker Award.  Angela  and her husband, the late Buster Beck, Theodore “Bud” Beck, Russell Beck and other generous members of the Beck family have documented and preserved local history in photographs and writings.  This documentation of over 90 years has been shared with the Eagle County Historical Society and the Eagle Public Library, adding over 350 images to our online collection.

Beck Boys and Polly, the dog, 1939. At top Buster, Bud; middle Quinn, Bruce, Jack; bottom Russell

The Becks also provided introductions to many other Red Cliff and Minturn families who have shared photographs as a result.  The Dumph, Warren, Elliott, Burnett, Marfitano, Crye, Baldo, and Ginther families generously contributed to our efforts and many friendships have resulted.

Len Dumph cleaning family gravesites at Greenwood Cemetery, Red Cliff, 2010

As one of the loyal supporters of the Red Cliff Museum, Angela Beck has worked diligently to form a strong relationship among the Town of Red Cliff and the Local History Department of EVLD and the Eagle County Historical Society.  Information is shared and contributions are made to current preservation projects.

Jaci Spuhler presented the Nimon Walker award to Angela Beck and Russell Beck. Cortni O'Brien photo.

The Award was presented  on May 1, 2011, at the Eagle Public Library with over 75 people in attendance.  In addition to congratulating the Beck Family, we were fortunate to have Christopher J. J. Thiry, map librarian from the Colorado School of Mines, presenting an overview of Colorado mining history using resources from his extensive collection.

Christopher J. J. Thiry and friend.

There’s nothing better than a party and this one brought together map lovers, history lovers and cookie lovers…a good thing.

The Beck clan. Kathy Heicher photo.


Jaci, Other great job by your group and you. Great Award to some really great and deserving people. Sorry I wasn't able to attend but hope to see the Becks, Warrens and you in the next month or two. Len

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