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Something old, nothing new...

It's always exciting to visit the Red Cliff Museum.  Artifacts turn up routinely, providing the opportunity for research and enlightenment. On just such a visit, Angela Beck presented me with a relatively heavy, metal item found by Diana Cisneros.  I said that I would be happy to do some digging. Unwrapping the item, I was immediately presented with lettering on the item:  Kantsuk pat..d Aug 16, 1910.  That made life in the research trenches much easier.   In this case, the item is exactly what it says it is...a device for weaning caves.  The top section is inserted into the animals nostrils and tightened using a wingnut (absent on this find).  The lower portion swings up, permitting the calf to graze and feed, but not suckle.
Modern version

What is amazing is the color and variety of these appliances currently on the market.  They've also improved with regard to comfort, being made of light weight aluminum or plastic, much less stressful for the calf. So, no, I did not find exotic jewelry but an item much in use around livestock.  Puzzle solved. Thanks to the Red Cliff crew who keep finding these treasures!  


I had no idea there was even such an item, not being a country-gal...... you always have interesting stories to tell - thanks, Jaci!

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