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New Teen Books This Week!

New Young Adult books available in late March

We have some great new items available in the teen collection!  Check out the descriptions below, provided by the publishers.

Fiction Titles

Edgewood by Kristen Ciccarelli
No matter how far she runs, the forest of Edgewood always comes for Emeline Lark. The scent of damp earth curls into her nose when she sings and moss creeps across the stage. It's as if the woods of her childhood, shrouded in folklore and tall tales, are trying to reclaim her. But Emeline has no patience for silly superstitions.When her grandfather disappears, leaving only a mysterious orb in his wake, the stories Emeline has always scoffed at suddenly seem less foolish. She enters the forest she has spent years trying to escape, only to have Hawthorne Fell, a handsome and brooding tithe collector, try to dissuade her from searching.Refusing to be deterred, Emeline finds herself drawn to the court of the fabled Wood King himself. She makes a deal--her voice for her grandfather's freedom. Little does she know, she's stumbled into the middle of a curse much bigger than herself, one that threatens the existence of this eerie world she's trapped in, along with the devastating boy who feels so familiar.With the help of Hawthorne--an enemy turned reluctant ally who she grows closer to each day--Emeline sets out to not only save her grandfather's life, but to right past wrongs, and in the process, discover her true voice.Haunting and romantic, Kristen Ciccarelli's Edgewood is an exciting novel from a bold, unforgettable voice in fantasy.

The Rumor Game by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra 
All it takes is one spark to start a blaze.At Foxham Prep, a posh private school for the children of DC's elite, a single rumor has the power to ruin a life.Nobody knows that better than Bryn. She used to have it all--the perfect boyfriend, a bright future in politics, and even popularity thanks to her best friend, cheer captain Cora. Then one mistake sparked a scandal that burned it all to the ground.Now it's the start of a new school year and the spotlight has shifted: It's geeky Georgie, newly hot after a summer makeover, whose name is on everyone's lips. When a rumor ignites, Georgie rockets up the school's social hierarchy, pitting her and Cora against each other. It grants her Foxham stardom . . . but it also makes her a target.As the rumors grow and morph, blazing like wildfire through the school's social media, all three girls' lives begin to unravel. But one person close to the drama has the power to stop the gossip in its tracks. The question is--do they even want to?

Cinder & Glass by Melissa de la Cruz
New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz pens a lush, swoon-worthy retelling of Cinderella set in lavish Versailles. Perfect for fans of Bridgerton and The Selection! 1682. The king sends out an invitation to all the maidens in France: their presence is requested at a number of balls and events that will be held in honor of the dashing Prince Louis, who must choose a bride.- - -Cendrillon de Louvois has more grace, beauty, and charm than anyone else in France. While she was once the darling child of the king's favorite adviser, her father's death has turned her into the servant of her stepmother and cruel stepsisters--and at her own chateau, too!Cendrillon--now called Cinder--manages to evade her stepmother and attend the ball, where she catches the eye of the handsome Prince Louis and his younger brother Auguste.Even though Cendrillon has an immediate aversion to Louis, and a connection with Auguste, the only way to escape her stepmother is to compete with the other women at court for the Prince's hand.Soon, as Cendrillon glows closer to Auguste and dislikes the prince more and more, she will have to decide if she can bear losing the boy she loves in order to leave a life she hates.

Killing Time by Brenna Ehrlich
Summer in Ferry, Connecticut, has always meant long, lazy days at the beach and wild nights partying in the abandoned mansions on the edge of town. Until now, that is.
Natalie Temple, who's never been one for beaches or parties in the first place, is reeling from the murder of her favorite teacher, and there's no way this true-crime-obsessed girl is going to sit back and let the rumor mill churn out lie after lie--even if she has to hide her investigation from her disapproving mom and team up with the new boy in town...
But the more Natalie uncovers, the more she realizes some secrets were never meant to be told.

Only a Monster by Vanessa Len
The sweeping romance of Passenger meets the dark fantasy edge of This Savage Song in this stunning contemporary fantasy debut from Vanessa Len, where the line between monster and hero is razor thin. Don't forget the rule. No one can know what you are. What we are. You must never tell anyone about monsters. Joan has just learned the truth: her family are monsters, with terrifying, hidden powers. And the cute boy at work isn't just a boy: he's a legendary monster slayer, who will do anything to destroy her family. To save herself and her family, Joan will have to do what she fears most: embrace her own monstrousness. Because in this story...she is not the hero. Dive deep into the world of Only a Monster: hidden worlds dwell in the shadows, beautiful monsters with untold powers walk among humans, and secrets are the most powerful weapon of all.

Ready When You Are by Gary Lonesborough
A remarkable YA love story between two Aboriginal boys -- one who doesn't want to accept he's gay, and the boy who comes to live in his house who makes him realize who he is.It's a hot summer, and life's going all right for Jackson and his family on the Mish. It's almost Christmas, school's out, and he's hanging with his mates, teasing the visiting tourists, avoiding the racist boys in town. Just like every year, Jackson's Aunty and annoying little cousins visit from the city -- but this time a mysterious boy with a troubled past comes with them. As their friendship evolves, Jackson must confront the changing shapes of his relationships with his friends, family and community. And he must face his darkest secret -- a secret he thought he'd locked away for good.

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh
Deadly storms have ravaged Mina's homeland for generations. Floods sweep away entire villages, while bloody wars are waged over the few remaining resources. Her people believe the Sea God, once their protector, now curses them with death and despair. In an attempt to appease him, each year a beautiful maiden is thrown into the sea to serve as the Sea God's bride, in the hopes that one day the "true bride" will be chosen and end the suffering.
Many believe that Shim Cheong, the most beautiful girl in the village--and the beloved of Mina's older brother Joon--may be the legendary true bride. But on the night Cheong is to be sacrificed, Joon follows Cheong out to sea, even knowing that to interfere is a death sentence. To save her brother, Mina throws herself into the water in Cheong's stead.Swept away to the Spirit Realm, a magical city of lesser gods and mythical beasts, Mina seeks out the Sea God, only to find him caught in an enchanted sleep. With the help of a mysterious young man named Shin--as well as a motley crew of demons, gods and spirits--Mina sets out to wake the Sea God and bring an end to the killer storms once and for all.But she doesn't have much time: A human cannot live long in the land of the spirits. And there are those who would do anything to keep the Sea God from waking...

Daughters of a Dead Empire by Carolyn Tara O'Neil
Russia, 1918: With the execution of Tsar Nicholas, the empire crumbles and Russia is on the edge of civil war--the poor are devouring the rich. Anna, a bourgeois girl, narrowly escaped the massacre of her entire family in Yekaterinburg. Desperate to get away from the Bolsheviks, she offers a peasant girl a diamond to take her as far south as possible--not realizing that the girl is a communist herself. With her brother in desperate need of a doctor, Evgenia accepts Anna's offer and suddenly finds herself on the wrong side of the war.Anna is being hunted by the Bolsheviks, and now--regardless of her loyalties--Evgenia is too.Daughters of a Dead Empire is a harrowing historical thriller about dangerous ideals, inequality, and the price we pay for change. An imaginative retelling of the Anastasia story.

Gallant by V. E. Schwab
Olivia Prior has grown up in Merilance School for Girls, and all she has of her past is her mother's journal--which seems to unravel into madness. Then, a letter invites Olivia to come home to Gallant. Yet when Olivia arrives, no one is expecting her. But Olivia is not about to leave the first place that feels like home; it doesn't matter if her cousin Matthew is hostile, or if she sees half-formed ghouls haunting the hallways.  Olivia knows that Gallant is hiding secrets, and she is determined to uncover them. When she crosses a ruined wall at just the right moment, Olivia finds herself in a place that is Gallant--but not. The manor is crumbling, the ghouls are solid, and a mysterious figure rules over all. Now Olivia sees what has unraveled generations of her family, and where her father may have come from. Olivia has always wanted to belong somewhere, but will she take her place as a Prior, protecting our world against the Master of the House? Or will she take her place beside him?
New York Times-bestselling author V. E. Schwab crafts a vivid and lush novel that grapples with the demons that are often locked behind closed doors. An eerie, stand-alone saga about life, death, and the young woman beckoned by both. Readers of Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Melissa Albert, and Garth Nix will quickly lose themselves in this novel with crossover appeal for all ages.

Castles in Their Bones by Laura Sebastian
A spellbinding story of three princesses and the destiny they were born for: seduction, conquest, and the crown. Immerse yourself in the first book in a new fantasy trilogy from the author of the New York Times bestselling Ash Princess series.Empress Margaraux has had plans for her daughters since the day they were born. Princesses Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz will be queens. And now, age sixteen, they each must leave their homeland and marry their princes.Beautiful, smart, and demure, the triplets appear to be the perfect brides--because Margaraux knows there is one common truth: everyone underestimates a girl. Which is a grave mistake. Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz are no innocents. They have been trained since birth in the arts of deception, seduction, and violence with a singular goal--to bring down monarchies-- and their marriages are merely the first stage of their mother's grand vision: to one day reign over the entire continent of Vesteria.The princesses have spent their lives preparing, and now they are ready, each with her own secret skill, and each with a single wish, pulled from the stars. Only, the stars have their own plans--and their mother hasn't told them all of hers.Life abroad is a test. Will their loyalties stay true? Or will they learn that they can't trust anyone--not even each other?

Turning by Joy L. Smith
In this raw, searingly honest debut young adult novel, a former aspiring ballerina must confront her past in order to move forward from a devastating fall that leaves her without the use of her legs.Genie used to fouetté across the stage. Now the only thing she's turning are the wheels to her wheelchair. Genie was the star pupil at her exclusive New York dance school, with a bright future and endless possibilities before her. Now that the future she's spent years building toward has been snatched away, she can't stand to be reminded of it--even if it means isolating herself from her best friends and her mother. The only wish this Genie has is to be left alone.But then she meets Kyle, who also has a "used to be." Kyle used to tumble and flip on a gymnastics mat, but a traumatic brain injury has sent him to the same physical therapist that Genie sees. With Kyle's support, along with her best friend's insistence that Genie's time at the barre isn't over yet, Genie starts to see a new path--one where she doesn't have to be alone and she finally has the strength to heal from the past.But healing also means confronting. Confronting the booze her mother, a recovering alcoholic, has been hiding under the kitchen sink; the ex-boyfriend who was there the night of the fall and won't leave her alone; and Genie's biggest, most terrifying secret: the fact that the accident may not have been so accidental after all.

Cold by Mariko Tamaki
A boy, a murder, a girl, a secret. From award-winning author Mariko Tamaki comes Cold, a haunting YA novel about a shocking crime, told by a boy who died--and a girl who wants to know why.
Who was Todd Mayer, and why don't any of his fellow students at Albright Academy seem to know, or want to say, anything about him?Todd Mayer is dead. Now a ghost, hovering over his body, recently discovered in a snow covered park, naked and frozen. As detectives investigate Todd's homicide, talking to the very people linked to the events leading to his death, Todd replays the choice that led him to his end.Georgia didn't know Todd. But ever since she heard about his death, she can't stop thinking about him. Maybe because they're both outcasts at their school, or because they're both queer. Maybe because the story of Todd people keep telling feels like a lot of fake stories Georgia has heard people tell. Plus Georgia has a feeling she's seen Todd somewhere before, somewhere he wasn't supposed to be.Told through the voices of Todd in his afterlife and Georgia as she uncovers the truth behind his death, Cold is an immersive, emotional, and provocative read.

These Deadly Games by Diana Urban
A propulsive mystery with high stakes and devious, masterful twists that will leave you guessing until the very last page. Diana Urban's latest had my jaw on the floor. --Jessica Goodman, bestselling author of They Wish They Were Us
Let's play a game.
You have 24 hours to win. If you break my rules, she dies. If you call the police, she dies. If you tell your parents or anyone else, she dies.
Are you ready?
When Crystal Donavan gets a message on a mysterious app with a picture of her little sister gagged and bound, she agrees to play the kidnapper's game. At first, they make her complete bizarre tasks: steal a test and stuff it in a locker, bake brownies, make a prank call.But then Crystal realizes that each task is meant to hurt--and kill--her friends, one by one. But if she refuses to play, the kidnapper will kill her sister. Is someone trying to take her team out of the running for a gaming tournament? Or have they uncovered a secret from their past, and wants them to pay for what they did...Author of All Your Twisted Secrets, Diana Urban's explosive sophomore novel, These Deadly Games, is a must-read, propulsive YA thriller with deadly stakes, stunning twists, and a shocking ending you'll never forget--perfect for fans of I Know What You Did Last Summer and One of Us Is Lying.

Lulu and Milagro's Search for Clarity by Angela Velez
Booksmart meets Never Have I Ever in this Latinx road trip adventure--a big-hearted, voice-driven YA about two sisters who couldn't be more different, but become begrudging partners on their school's cross-country college trip--from debut author Angela Velez. Perfect for fans of Lilliam Rivera, Jenny Han, and Sandhya Menon.
Overachiever Luz "Lulu" Zavala has straight As, perfect attendance, and a solid ten-year plan. First up: nail her interview for a dream internship at Stanford, the last stop on her school's cross-country college road trip. The only flaw in her plan is Clara, her oldest sister, who went off to college and sparked a massive fight with their overprotective Peruvian mom, who is now convinced that out-of-state-college will destroy their family. If Lulu can't fix whatever went wrong between them, the whole trip--and her future--will be a waste.
Middle sister Milagro wants nothing to do with college or a nerdy class field trip. Then a spot opens up on the trip just as her own spring break plans (Operation Don't Die a Virgin) are thwarted, and she hops on the bus with her glittery lipsticks, more concerned about getting back at her ex than she is about schools or any family drama. But the trip opens her eyes about possibilities she'd never imagined for herself. Maybe she is more than the boy-crazy girl everyone seems to think she is.
On a journey from Baltimore all the way to San Francisco, Lulu and Milagro will become begrudging partners as they unpack weighty family expectations, uncover Clara's secrets, and maybe even discover the true meaning of sisterhood.

Non-Fiction Titles

Become an App Inventor: The Official Guide from Mit App Inventor: Your Guide to Designing, Building, and Sharing Apps by Karen Lang, Mit App Inventor Project, and Mit Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
With a foreword by Gitanjali Rao, Time Magazine's inaugural Kid of the Year, this engaging guide from MITeen Press teaches anyone to design and publish their own apps--no experience necessary!--and introduces young app creators from around the world.Have you ever wanted to build your own mobile apps? App Inventor, a free and revolutionary online program from MIT, lets you do just that. With the help of this companion guide chock-full of colorful graphics and easy-to-follow instructions, readers can learn how to create six different apps, including a working piano, a maze game, and even their own chat app to communicate with friends--then use what they've learned to build apps of their own imagination. User-friendly code blocks that snap together allow even beginners to quickly create working apps. Readers will also learn about young inventors already using their own apps to make a difference in their communities, such as the girls from Moldova whose app helps alert residents when local well water is contaminated. Or the boys from Malden, Massachusetts, whose app lets users geotag potholes to alert city hall when repairs are needed. With this inspiring guide, curious young dreamers can become real inventors with real-world impact.

Young Oracle Tarot: An Initiation Into Tarot's Mystic Wisdom by Suki Ferguson (Author) and Ana Novaes (Illustrator)
This enchanting treasury of all things tarot for readers ages 11 and up gives a fascinating insight into the history, secrets, and practice of tarot.Featuring a foil-detailed cover, a ribbon marker, and stunning illustrations, Young Oracle Tarot reveals for young oracles-in-training what tarot is, how to read the cards for themselves and for others, and how this ancient mystical practice can be used for self-reflection, self-care, problem-solving, and much more.For hundreds of years, people have sought answers to life's big questions in tarot cards. This book will help young truth-seekers use the cards to navigate their own trials and triumphs, from family life, friendships and relationships, to school, work and health.Everything readers need to get started on their tarot journey is contained in Young Oracle Tarot, starting with the rich history behind the cards and flowing forward to how they can be used today when relating to ourselves and to others, with simple card explanations and guidance for completing different readings.The book includes:
A timeline of tarot through the ages
Examples of how today's young readers can make the most of tarot
Tips on how to conduct personal readings and reading for others
Explanations of all the cards in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, as well as information on other decks
Guidance on how to practice 1-card daily readings, 3-card draw readings, and Celtic Cross readings
A glossary of mystical terms
This magical guide will initiate readers into a powerful global tradition and empower tweens and teens to trust their intuition, recognize their strengths and talents, and reflect on and process situations and problems that are important to them.

Cramm This Book: So You Know Wtf Is Going on in the World Today by Olivia Seltzer
From the founder of The Cramm, a news outlet by and for the incredible Gen Z activists who are already shaping our global future (really!), this book is a dive into the history that's made the world what it is today.You can take a stand for justice. You can raise your voice to make a difference. You can find your way to make a mark and change the world. But first--you need to know what the actual F is going on in it.Today's world can feel like a seriously confusing mess. Headlines and newscasters and posts are coming at us from all sides, each talking about the latest issues and injustices, and everyone with their own opinion on how to solve the problems of the day. It's enough to make anyone's mind melt. Right?Enter: Cramm This Book, your one-stop-shop for the scoop behind the scoop of the day. This is the read you need to understand everything from how the conflicts in the Middle East got going to where Black Lives Matter and Me Too actually began to what the full deal is with all of the wildfires and hurricanes we see each year. Important topics to read more about? We think so too. Dip in for more on the wars, the movements, the disasters, and more--and get to know WTF is really going on.Are you ready to take to the streets and take on the world? Then Cramm This Book and get going.The future is ours. What are you waiting for?

And We Rise by Erica Martin
A powerful, impactful, eye-opening journey that explores through the Civil Rights Movement in 1950s-1960s America in spare and evocative verse, with historical photos interspersed throughout.In stunning verse and vivid use of white space, Erica Martin's debut poetry collection walks readers through the Civil Rights Movement--from the well-documented events that shaped the nation's treatment of Black people, beginning with the Separate but Equal ruling--and introduces lesser-known figures and moments that were just as crucial to the Movement and our nation's centuries-long fight for justice and equality.A poignant, powerful, all-too-timely collection that is both a vital history lesson and much-needed conversation starter in our modern world. Complete with historical photographs, author's note, chronology of events, research, and sources.

Money Matters for Teens: Advice on Spending and Saving, Managing Income, and Paying for College by Virginia Vitzthum (Editor) and Youth Communication (Editor)
In Money Matters for Teens, young writers discuss their financial fears and the strategies they've learned to help them spend their money wisely, save for the future, and pay for college.The gap between the richest and the poorest Americans has been growing for decades, and experts predict it will continue to widen. Young people bear the brunt of this inequality because it makes it harder to get a job and to pay for the college education you need to move up the ladder. Political changes could help close the gap, but in the meantime, teens can help prepare themselves for financial independence. In this book, teens write about learning to handle money wisely, to manage their own income, to pay for college, and how our larger economic system determines their financial standing.Essays include:
Equal Work, Unequal Pay
The Rags to Riches Myth
Job-Hopping to a Career
I Took a Scam Job
Job-Hunting Tips
A Guide to Drama-Free Banking
My Credit Card Gave Me False Security
We Don't Save It for a Rainy Day
How Am I Supposed to Pay for College?
Countdown to Independence
and more!
Through these essays, teen readers--as well as their parents, teachers, and caregivers--will pick up new tricks to managing their money but will also be provided a much-needed glimpse into how the world looks to our younger generations.

First to a Million: A Teenager's Guide to Achieving Early Financial Independence by Dan Sheeks
Change the way you look at money before you turn 20--and become a FI Freak!
Most teenagers are told about only one financial path: Work until you're old and then retire. But what if you want to spend your adult life traveling, creating, or bettering the world instead of working all day, every day?
Financial independence (FI) is the only way to win the resource you can't rewind: time. Time for yourself, time for your family and friends, and time for your dreams. Build the freedom to define your own future by building a strong financial base--which means saving more, spending less, and starting to invest as soon as possible.
First to a Million explores the many advantages of FI while explaining the secrets of investing, living frugally, and maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset. Treating your finances differently than the average teenager will put you miles ahead of your peers, and with time (and compounding) on your side, you can win the game before it even starts!
Inside the Book, You'll Learn:
Why the typical American Dream pathway is not for everyone
How a FI Freak can take control of their financial future
The Four Mechanisms of Early FI (Spoiler: They're ridiculously simple!)
How to make more money as a teen with creative jobs and side hustles
How to be frugal and live richly with a life full of happiness and flexibility
The difference between income and wealth, real and false assets, and good and bad debt
Personal finance basics--like tracking income and expenses, building a credit score from the ground up, and calculating your net worth
Investing basics--like earning passive income, understanding the power of compound interest, and how index funds and real estate can build your wealth

Respect the MIC: Celebrating 20 Years of Poetry from a Chicagoland High School by Peter Kahn (Editor), Hanif Abdurraqib (Editor), Dan Sully Sullivan (Editor), and Tyehimba Jess (Foreword)
An expansive, moving poetry anthology, representing 20 years of poetry from students and alumni of Chicago's Oak Park River Forest High School Spoken Word Club.Poets I know sometimes joke that the poetry club at Oak Park River Forest High School is the best MFA program in the Chicagoland area. Like all great jokes, this one is dead serious. -Eve L. Ewing, award-winning poet, playwright, scholar, and sociologistFor Chicago's Oak Park and River Forest High School's Spoken Word Club, there is one phrase that reigns supreme: Respect the Mic. It's been the club's call to arms since its inception in 1999. As its founder Peter Kahn says, It's a call of pride and history and tradition and hope.This vivid new collection of poetry and prose -- curated by award-winning and bestselling poets Hanif Abdurraqib, Franny Choi, Peter Kahn, and Dan Sully Sullivan -- illuminates just that, uplifting the incredible legacy this community has cultivated. Among the dozens of current students and alumni, Respect the Mic features work by NBA champion Iman Shumpert, National Youth Poet Laureate Kara Jackson, National Youth Poet Laureate Kara Jackson, National Student Poet Natalie Richardson, comedian Langston Kerman, and more.In its pages, you hear the sprawling echoes of students, siblings, lovers, new parents, athletes, entertainers, scientists, and more --all sharing a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling. A celebration of the past, a balm for the present, and a blueprint for the future, Respect the Mic offers a tender, intimate portrait of American life, and conveys how in a world increasingly defined by separation, poetry has the capacity to bind us together.


New from DC

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1: The Neighborhood by Mariko Tamaki (Author) and  Dan Mora (Illustrator)
With the loss of his fortune and manor, the election of Mayor Nakano, and the growing anti-vigilante sentiment in Gotham, Bruce Wayne must rethink how to be Batman...or risk being left behind by his own city.
Introducing Mr. Worth! When his daughter is killed during the brutal crime wave gripping Gotham City, eight-foot-tall stack of muscle and money Roland Worth sets out on a path of revenge toward the prime suspect in the crime: Batman! The Dark Knight has been framed for murder, and to make matters worse, this grisly deed seems to be connected to yet another emerging villainous force on the horizon. It's a rogues gallery explosion, and this time there's no mansion on the hill for Bruce Wayne to mount his counterattack from! Eisner Award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki and superstar artist Dan Mora begin an exciting, surprising, and death-defying new story for the World's Greatest Detective. Includes Detective Comics #1034-1039.

Batwing: Luke Fox by Jimmy Palmiotti (Author) and Eduardo Pansica (Illustrator)
Once a member of Batman Incorporated and deputized by the Dark Knight himself, Batwing, the Batman of Africa, has quit. Luke Fox, the son of Bruce Wayne's trusted ally Lucius Fox, has emerged in his place...but will his actions do more harm than good in Gotham City?Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and artist Eduardo Pansica blaze a fresh new start for the armored vigilante who helps Batman protect the streets of Gotham from the forces of evil. The new hero is put to the test with new challenges and threats as he comes face to face with Lady Vic and Charlie Caligula and confronts the Darklings and Anubis clans that live below the city, unbeknownst to the Gothamites above them. Includes Batwing # 19 - 34 and Batwing: Futures End #1!

Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn By Katana Collins (Author) and  Matteo Scalera (Illustrator)
The Joker is dead. Batman is behind bars. In a new age of villains, only Harley can save Gotham.Two years after Azrael wiped out Gotham's deadliest villains in Batman: Curse of the White Knight, the stage is set for a new criminal uprising. From the shadows, a visionary mastermind known as the Producer is assembling a colorful roster of new rogues--headlined by his alluring recruit Starlet, an actor turned serial killer with a vendetta against Gotham's Golden Age film stars.When Starlet's grisly crime scenes hint at an impossible link to the Joker, the GCPD--aided by eager young FBI agent Hector Quimby--turns to Harley Quinn to crack the case. But Harley is struggling to navigate her new role as a single mother to the late Jack Napier's twins, and revisiting Gotham's underworld--even as a good guy--will force her to fight her own worst instincts and flirt with danger.Determined to prove she can balance it all, Harley accepts Bruce Wayne's guidance and inches closer to the killer--and when the Producer's twisted script comes into full focus, she must confront her past to protect her children and Gotham from a fatal final act.Novelist Katan Collins and artist Matteo Scalera team up for Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn--a thrilling standalone addition to Sean Murphy's White Knight universe, expanding on the events of Batman: White Knight and Batman: Curse of the White Knight. This volume collects all six issues of the original series as well as an in-world bonus story originally published as part of the hit digital series Harley Quinn Black + White + Red.

Represent! by Christian Cooper (Author) and  Alitha Martinez (Illustrator)
Celebrating powerful voices: Represent! collects the revolutionary digital-first series!New voices present relevant, topical visions of social change and personal histories, some true-to-life while others are semi-fictionalized accounts of real experiences.Jules, a Black teenager, is given a pair of old binoculars as he heads out for a morning of birdwatching in Central Park. He soon learns the binoculars show him a lot more than birds, and maybe they keep him safe, too.Jesse Holland's Mississippi farm has been in his family since their first ancestor was freed from slavery, tended by his grandfather and his father before him. But as Jesse grows into a man, he's unsure if a patch of land in the Piney Woods and a life of tilling soil is his true destiny. But destiny can mean so much more than dirt and a tractor. Lanice's passion for cooking and desire for a career in the culinary arts are challenged by the source of her inspiration, her father, who is concerned about his only daughter working in a kitchen, like so many Black Americans before her.These stories and more all have one thing in common: innovative styles and compelling stories that examine how our culture builds understanding, tracing society's arc toward justice as we evolve in pursuit of a more just and compassionate world.This graphic novel collects Represent! #1-14.

New From Marvel

Savage Avengers Vol. 5: The Defilement of All Things by the Cannibal-Sorcerer Kulan Gath by Gerry Duggan (Author) and  Patch Zircher (Artist)
Whatever happened to Shuma-Gorath? Even elder gods need elder care. And now Doctor Strange and Conan the Barbarian have arrived to perform a wellness check. But the evil sorcerer Kulan Gath has been eating Shuma-Gorath in small bites for the last year! And Doctor Strange's house call is about to go completely off the rails! Can the unexpected entrance of an old villain help the Savage Avengers overcome the monstrous and mystically charged Kulan Gath? The entire planet had better hope so! COLLECTING: Savage Avengers (2019) 23-28

Captain America: Truth by Robert Morales (Author) and Kyle Baker (Artist)
In every war, there are legends. And World War II birthed Captain America, the heroic Sentinel of Liberty. But in this shocking re-examination of the 1940s Super-Soldier program, a hidden and controversial chapter of history is declassified at last! Meet the unit of African-American soldiers who were involuntarily subjected to the U.S. War Department's brutish efforts to refine the Super-Soldier Serum. And hear the story of Isaiah Bradley -- who overcame all odds to don the famous red-white-and-blue on the battlefield! A tragic story that spans decades, Robert Morales and Kyle Baker hit home with a touching, timely and thought-provoking tale! COLLECTING: Truth: Red, White & Black (2002) 1-7

The Darkhold by Marvel Comics (Author)
DARKHOLD sees Doctor Doom unearth the ancient Darkhold, a text written by the elder god Chthon, and unintentionally opening a passageway for Chthon to return to our dimension. To stop him, the Scarlet Witch recruits five heroes-Iron Man, Wasp (Janet), Black Bolt, Spider-Man (Peter), and Blade. To enter Chthon's dimension and fight him, the heroes must read from the Darkhold, which drives them insane. COLLECTING: DARKHOLD ALPHA (2020) 1, THE DARKHOLD: TBD A (2020) 1-E (2020) 1, THE DARKHOLD OMEGA (2020) 1

Excalibur by Tini Howard Vol. 4 by Tini Howard (Author) and  Marcus To (Artist)
The tower and the storm! Captain Britain and Excalibur have reunited at last, and Otherworld is their new domain. But an escort mission is about to reveal deep political unrest among Saturnyne's court -- and a brutal sacrifice will bear bitter fruit! As guardians of the gate, the members of Excalibur have sworn to safely escort those who quest to the Otherworld within. But when doom returns to Avalon, they will soon find those duties tested to their very limits. Tini Howard's mystical mutant saga continues!COLLECTING: Excalibur (2019) 22-26

Fantastic Four by Dan Slott Vol. 2 by Dan Slott (Author),  Gerry Duggan (Author),  Mike Carey (Author),  Stefano Caselli (Artist), and  Paco Medina (Artist)
The Fantastic Four meet the Herald of Doom! Galactus has returned to devour Earth, and only one man can save us all. No, not Reed Richards -- this time it's Victor von Doom! Ad while Doom's plan unfolds, the FF find themselves locked in battle against the brave new hero of the Latverian people, Victorious! Doom has declared death to his hated enemies -- but one cruel act is about to change everything. The fate of Latveria, the world -- and possibly the universe -- all rests on one decision! Then, Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters finally head off on their dream honeymoon...only to have their party crashed by the Immortal Hulk! Plus, more fantastic tales ranging from Yancy Street to the Negative Zone! COLLECTING: Fantastic Four (2018) 12 (A story), 14-20; Fantastic Four: 4 Yancy Street (2019) 1; Fantastic Four: Negative Zone (2019) 1

Carnage: Black, White & Blood by Tini Howard (Author),  Benjamin Percy (Author),  Al Ewing (Author),  Sara Pichelli (Artist), and Kyle Hotz (Artist)
Carnage is back, carving a path of chaos in his wake -- one crafted by some of the greatest creators at Marvel! But beware, True Believers: these spine-chilling tales are not for the faint of heart -- and they are presented in brutally beautiful black, white...and blood! Featuring the serial-killing super villain in savage battle with Spider-Man like you've never seen before; a horrifying tale set against the backdrop of the classic Maximum Carnage event; and much, much more! You'd better hope the printer has enough red ink...because there will be blood! COLLECTING: Carnage: Black, White & Blood (2021) 1-4

Extreme Carnage by Philip Kennedy Johnson (Author)
Spider-Man and friends were pushed to the limits in MAXIMUM CARNAGE. The Marvel Universe barely survived ABSOLUTE CARNAGE. Now we're taking symbiote chaos to the Extreme! As the dust continues to settle after the symbiote-redefining KING IN BLACK saga, Eddie and Dylan Brock aren't the only ones adjusting to a new normal. The Life Foundation symbiotes -- Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony -- are trying to reconcile the sometimes noble intentions of their hosts with the all-too-often bloodthirsty impulses of their others! But another symbiote is facing a stunning reinvention as well...and that means Carnage! What will happen when the refreshed Carnage symbiote targets the rest one by one? Be here for an event that truly lives up to its name! COLLECTING: Extreme Carnage Alpha (2021) 1, Extreme Carnage: Scream (2021) 1, Extreme Carnage: Phage (2021) 1, Extreme Carnage: Riot (2021) 1, Extreme Carnage: Lasher (2021) 1, Extreme Carnage: Agony (2021) 1, Extreme Carnage: Toxin (2021) 1, Extreme Carnage Omega (2021) 1

Hellions by Zeb Wells Vol. 3 by Zeb Wells (Author) and Roge Antonio (Artist)
There's no need to worry! Mr. Sinister, the sadistic puppeteer of the Hellions, is just fine! Right? Eh, not really. Sinister's menacing clone is on his way to Krakoa to reclaim the cape...and destroy the Hellions in the process! Elsewhere, Tarn the Uncaring and his murderous Locus Vile are also out for vengeance on both Sinister and the Hellions! This could get ugly. But never fear, the mutants you love to hate are ready for the ultimate rematch! Well...sort of. Almost ready. But little do they know that Psylocke's secret side deal with Sinister is about to cause a schism that just might end the team before the villains can!COLLECTING: Hellions (2020) 13-18

Kang the Conqueror: Only Myself Left to Conquer by Collin Kelly (Author),  Jackson Lanzing (Author), and Carlos Magno (Artist)
The time traveler known as Kang the Conqueror has led many lives across many eras. He has been a pharaoh, a villain, a warlord of the spaceways -- and even, on rare occasions, a hero. Across all timelines, one fact seemed absolute: Time means nothing to Kang. But the truth about the Conqueror is much more complex! Kang is caught in an endless cycle of creation and destruction, dictated by time and previously unseen by any but the Conqueror himself. A cycle that, once revealed, could finally explain the enigma that is Kang. And a cycle that begins and ends with an old and broken Kang sending his younger self down a dark path...COLLECTING: Kang The Conqueror (2021) 1-5

The Marvels Vol. 1: The War in Siancong by Kurt Busiek (Text by (Art/Photo Books)) and Yildiray Cinar (Illustrator)
Kurt Busiek (MARVELS) is back, with the biggest, wildest, most sprawling series you've ever seen -- telling stories that span decades and range from cosmic adventure to intense human drama, from street-level to the far reaches of space, starring literally anyone from Marvel's very first heroes to the superstars of tomorrow! Featuring Captain America, Spider-Man, the Punisher, the Human Torch, Storm, the Black Cat, the Golden Age Vision, Melinda May, Aero, Iron Man, Thor and many more -- and introducing two brand-new characters destined to be fan-favorites -- a thriller begins that will take readers across the Marvel Universe...and beyond! Get to know Kevin Schumer, an ordinary guy with some big secrets -- and the mysterious Threadneedle as well! But who (or what) is KSHOOM? It all starts here. And it goes...everywhere! COLLECTING: THE MARVELS (2021) 1-5

Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Midnight Mission by Jed MacKay (Author) and Alessandro Cappuccio (Artist)
The mysterious Mr. Knight has opened his Midnight Mission, his people petitioning him to shelter them from the weird and horrible. The Moon Knight stalks the rooftops and alleys marked with his crescent moon tag, bringing violence to any who would harm his flock. Marc Spector, in whichever guise he dons, is back on the streets, a renegade priest of an unworthy god. But while Khonshu languishes in prison, Moon Knight's duty still must be observed: the protection of those who travel at night. But what happens when those he would save are turned into weapons against him? When gangs of elderly residents leave a trail of bizarre violence, Moon Knight must put his body, mind and very soul on the line to end the carnage! COLLECTING: Moon Knight (2021) 1-6

Warhammer 40,000: Sisters of Battle by Torunn Gronbekk (Author) and Edgar Salazar (Artist)
Survive the grim darkness of the future with the Sisters of Battle! A squad of Adepta Sororitas, led by Canoness Veridyan, arrives on Planet Siscia to retrieve a lost Inquisitorial acolyte and put down a heretical uprising. But as Novitiate Ghita’s first mission with her Order gets underway, what should be an easy assignment turns into something much worse, as an unknown force deep within a subterranean city rears its ugly head! It’s no-holds-barred action, mystery and daemons galore as the all-female military force lets bolters blaze and flamers scorch in this all-new saga! Show your faith and fervor to the Emperor by joining Marvel for the next phase of WARHAMMER comics! COLLECTING: Warhammer 40,000: Sisters Of Battle (2021) 1-5

Wolverine by Benjamin Percy Vol. 3 by Benjamin Percy (Author) and Adam Kubert (Artist)
The unusual suspects! Stolen goods, a torched ship and a missing sword. Wolverine is on the case -- but what mind game is Solem playing? Plus, Logan is about to come face to face with Arakkii pirate crimelord Sevyr Blackmore! But will their fight lead Wolverine to the clues he needs to catch Solem, or will it be the distraction that puts Logan right where the manipulative mutant wants him? The game approaches its end -- but as far as Solem is concerned, that's just an excuse to change the rules. Can you figure out the answer to the mystery before Wolverine does? COLLECTING: Wolverine (2020) 14-19

X-Force by Benjamin Percy Vol. 4 by Benjamin Percy (Author), Joshua Cassara (Artist), and Robert Gill (Artist)
Fear of a green planet! As the Reign of X expands outwards, Beast plants the seeds -- and X-Force pulls the weeds. But not if Man-Slaughter has anything to say about it! When the genetic makeup of the shambling soldier is used to infect and control an army of unwilling agents, X-Force must get to the root of the problem -- but can they do it before Dr. Bloodroot kills again? Meanwhile, Beast's best-laid plans invite a threat close to the the secret works of Mikhail are at last revealed! A dire change for Krakoa is in the wind! COLLECTING: X-Force (2019) 21-26

Marauders by Gerry Duggan Vol. 4 by Gerry Duggan (Author), Matteo Lolli (Artist), and Klaus Janson (Artist)
The past can burn you! The Hellfire Gala may have ended, but the flames of hellfires past have started licking at the heels of the Inner Circle...and when this tinderbox of buried sins explodes, the Marauders may get burned! Meanwhile, the team takes to the highest seas of all -- and points their bow to the stars! But what threat awaits them in the ocean of space...and why has it sworn vengeance? Secrets, lies and hidden agendas unravel as the Marauders adjust to an all-new future for mutantkind -- if they can escape their past! COLLECTING: Marauders (2019) 22-27

Reign of X Vol. 9 by Zeb Wells (Author), Benjamin Percy (Author), Vita Ayala (Author), Stephen Segovia (Artist), and Rod Reis (Artist)
Life and death stakes in the Reign of X! As Empath's misdeeds come back to haunt him, the Hellions are rocked by a battle years in the making: Psylocke vs. Betsy Braddock! Wolverine takes the fight to the vampire nation in a quest to stop Dracula's plot -- but what sacrifices must he make for humans and mutants to see the next dawn? Meanwhile, some of the New Mutants are looking for love in all the wrong places! On Krakoa, Fabian Cortez and the Quiet Council discuss the rules of murder -- but in space, the killings have already begun... And a dark force is secretly manipulating X-Factor's lives, just as a striking revelation about one of their deaths comes to light! COLLECTING: Hellions (2020) 11, Wolverine (2020) 11-12, New Mutants ( 2019) 18, S.W.O.R.D. (2020) 5, X-Factor (2020) 7

Way of X by Si Spurrier Vol. 1 by Si Spurrier (Author) and Bob Quinn (Artist)
Only one mutant senses the looming shadows. On Krakoa, mutantkind has built a new Eden -- but there are serpents in this garden. Some mutants struggle to fit in. Some mutants turn to violence and death. And the children whisper of the Patchwork Man, singing in their hearts. Snared by questions of death, law and love, only Nightcrawler can fight for the soul of Krakoa. Only he -- and the curious crew he assembles -- can help mutants defeat their inner darkness and find a new way to live! But the malevolent force hiding within Krakoa has begun to show its true form, and answers are hidden...within the Mindscape! As the X-Men's greatest foe -- mutantkind's primal evil -- slithers in the minds of its most senior leaders, can Nightcrawler light the spark that will drive out the shadows, or will Krakoa slip into the abyss? COLLECTING: WAY OF X (2021) 1-5, X-MEN: THE ONSLAUGHT REVELATION 1

New from Graphix
Magical Boy Volume 1: A Graphic Novel by The Kao
A breathtakingly imaginative fantasy series starring Max--a high schooler chosen to become the next Magical Girl. There's just one catch . . . he's a trans boy!Although he was assigned female at birth, Max is your average trans man trying to get through high school as himself. But on top of classes, crushes, and coming out, Max's life is turned upside down when his mom reveals an eons old family secret: he's descended from a long line of Magical Girls tasked with defending humanity from a dark, ancient evil! With a sassy feline sidekick and loyal gang of friends by his side, can Max take on his destiny, save the world, and become the next Magical Boy? A hilarious and heartfelt riff on the magical girl genre made popular by teen manga series, Magical Boy is a one-of-a-kind fantasy series that comic readers of all ages will love.

First Second Books


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