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Notes From My Captivity by Kathy Parks

Notes from My Captivity by Cathy Parks begins at a familiar location- DIA! Adrienne dreams of becoming a journalist and sets off on a journey from Colorado to Siberia to solve a mystery. Adrienne's stepfather is a scholar convinced of the existence of a mysterious family isolated in the forests of Siberia- The Osinovs. Adrienne, however, is not so sure, and is set on proving her stepfather wrong. However, she has no idea the challenges she will be forced to face once she discovers the truth.

Part mystery, part wilderness survival, part romance, and a little bit of magical realism, and "Notes from My Captivity" has something for everyone. It was very fun to read about a teen from our state, and the descriptions of her Siberian adventure were equally beautiful, terrifying, and spellbinding. Adrienne grows up throughout the course of the novel, and even though she has her flaws I was definitely rooting for her throughout. 

Kathy Parks has confirmed that her Osinovs family is loosely based on the real life Russian family, the Lykovs, who lived isolated in the wilderness for 40 years. Their true story is worth a read as well: Check it out here.

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