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Teen Writing Contest Winner: "The Ghost" by Luis F.

The Ghost

By Luis F.

3rd Place Winner at the Eagle Library


Many people think that the ghost are attached to a place, to a specific physical place, the place where they lived when they were alive, other persons think the ghost are attached to the place where they die.

I think we all hear the story of someone who met with the appearance of a spirit when they arrive to a new home, for some reason, we see ourselves like the invaders, and the entity, like the legitimate owners from this place, beyond fear, we feel empathy with the ghosts, as if in the bottom, we would like to think that they do not have bad intentions, that’s why in this history, what I’m going to tell you, it’s some kind of wierd, more out of the ordinary.

It’s something I do not know how to explain, I’m going to tell you what my family lived since more than two years ago, and I remember, I remember the first time I notice it although I think for everyone in my family, the start was in a different moment, for me ws that time, a sunday night when we were preparing ourselves for watch a movie, my dad is big fan of the cinema, and still retains hundreds of VHS from some local rental video that tube until 2005 or so when it stopped being rentable, my sister and I had chosen the movie ‘’the people under the stairs’’, after a few minutes of watch the movie, something called our attention, a voice, a little voice singing a song, the song blue star, from pinocchio, it took a moment to realize than that voice, what it appears to be  little girl singing, humming, it didn’t came from the TV, my dad stop the movie and look at me, completely confuse.

‘’Stay here’’ he tell us.

He start check carefully, room by room, all the house, I’m not sure why, but there was something in that voice that terrified us, that made us realize, that it wasn’t something good, is not part of our instinct to scare us, for the sound of a girl humming a song, except maybe when you know that there is no girl in your house.

When my dad finish checked the last corner, the thing that was singing, stop.

I could never bear to hear that song again, I haven’t even watch pinocchio again, or ‘’the people under the stairs’’. In that time, my dad want us to continue, he put play to the movie and we all pretend to watched, like nothing just happen, but in the bottom, in the bottom we all knew that something change forever, I remember even the popcorn had a bitter flavor that night.

There is a certain hopelessness, a certain sensation that no one can help you when you know there is something, something that isn’t alive, living in your house.

Two or three day later, I woke up in the middle of the night my mother’s desperate screamings, seconds later, my father’s voice trying to calm her, I ran to my parent’s room, my sister was already there in the front of the door, my mom cries, sitting in the side of the bed, my dad hugged her and squeezed her against his chest,

‘’Go to the grandma’s room and sleep together’’ he tell us.

‘’ok’’ I said without talk back. That room was unoccupied since my grandma died some years ago, but it kept all the things intact, is also the only room in the second floor without windows, and is precisely  why my dad send us there.

In the morning, we found out exactly what had provoked my mom’s screams, she had a nightmare, she was dreaming again with the first night when we start hearing that little girl’s voice, but in the dream(or nightmare) my mom was alone, searching for all the house that thing, something made her search for that girl desperately, suddenly, a heartbreaking scream frightens her,a scream that stunned her, as if it came inside her head, she opened her eyes, waking up to realize that it was her who was screaming, and right in front of her, in the window of their room in the second floor, the face of a girl without eyes smiling from ear to ear while she seemed to be floating, just for observ her, my dad wake up in that instant, it was difficult for him to calm my mom and convince her that there was nothing in the window, when he could also see her too.

This being, this thing I know is not a girl, it suddenly came to our house and decided to dwell here, to torment us, although I can't say that we didn't believed in ghosts, the truth is that we had never experienced anything like something supernatural.

My parents began to live permanently stressed, beyond the economic problems that worried mainly my pope. Sometimes we could be okay, even joking, until we realized that the sun was starting to come in, when it started the night, the girl started to be less shy with us. The first time I saw her, I was passing the dining room in the living room, taking my computer to do a homework and putting the television as a background noise, a bad habit I have, I saw a white dot on the table, as if it was an animal in him, I stop, a laugh that almost caused me a heart attack, I didn’t turn around, I froze but with the corner of my eye I could see what looks like a girl in a white dress, sitting like a gargoyle on the table, like getting between her knees, carving her hands like a fly, and smiling, I do not know how, but I can swear by my life that thing was smiling, got up, stopping on the table slowly, that thing stood completely on the table and I'm sure that on reaching the ceiling that thing had to crouch, we were only my sister and I, but my instinct make me call my mom, my sister heard me and I approach running, in that instant, that thing faded in the air, or we felt it like that.

I find that significant at that moment I would have called my mother, I still do it even now whenever I find myself so, even if she is not with us, they say that ghosts can not harm you, but I am a witness of how that thing consumed my mom every day, little by little, night after night, until one day I can not take it anymore, three months after everything started, my mother took her life, she had spent all afternoon with my girlfriend, when I suddenly received a call, it was my dad's, when I answered, I learned that my mother had taken her life in my grandmother's room, the only room in which that thing did not dare to enter.

The nurses in the ambulance told my father that my mother had been dead a few minutes before my sister called the emergency room, I and my father did not tell my sister anything about this, so as not to torment her with the idea that if she had arrived a few minutes earlier, maybe I could have saved my mama, but we tell her, we told her when she told us that damn day, she had delayed entering the house because when she got the door, she pushed from the inside, and laughed, with that damn little girl's laughter, the same laughter as all the night, as if she made fun of us.


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