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Year in Review

In case you've been living under a rock... 

2016 rocked for local history! 

It was a banner year for our not-so-little archive and we're taking one more chance to remind ourselves--and thank our patrons-- for all the amazing work we've done this year. Here are my top 5 highlights: 


1. We won a Governor's Award! 

Who woulda thought? Our award event, Nimon-Walker history award honoring those who work tirelessly to preserve Eagle County history, won this year’s “Best Event in A Small Community” from Downtown Colorado Inc. Eagle County Historical Society President Kathy Heicher and myself went to Pueblo to celebrate and accept this honor. 

"You wouldn't happen to have any grant funds in your purse, would you?"


2. Nimon-Walker Award celebrates 15th Anniversary with record crowd! 

Nearly 100 people attended our ever-growing and popular Nimon-Walker Award event in May to honor Eagle County local history and our 2016 recipient, John Comer. John has rebuilt the Brooks-Dixson waterwheel on his ranch in McCoy not once, not twice, but three times. If you think history is something of the past, think again! Come be part of the tradition in 2017. 


John Comer shares the stories of rebuilding the waterwheel three times on his ranch in McCoy. 


3. Top 10 Colorado Artifact lives in Eagle County! 

The results aren’t in yet, so we can’t say we are officially #1 but we can pretend. Few libraries have a history department, let alone priceless artifacts like our original copy of the 1893 Fulford Signal newspaper announcing a gold strike. That’s definitely a top 10 performance. 

1893 Fulford Signal Newspaper exclaims "GOLD STRIKE!"


4. Richard Perske is still winning awards for his "Boomtown to Ghost Town: The Story of Fulford"! 

Now to brag about our partner, Eagle County Historical Society. This group continues to do amazing things for our valley, its history, and local writers. Richard Perske's book was an Honorable Mention for the Josephine H. Miles Award given each year by History Colorado. Perske also graciously donated his Fulford Signal newspaper to the library and continues to be 'behind the scenes' in many of our Fulford resources. 


5.   Introducing... Digital Archive! 

And the crazy thing is, we’re just warming up! We moved all of our photographs to our library catalog and a new Digital Archive so that you, our patrons, can see every resource the library has on one website! It’s been no easy task, but we’re gearing up for even more surprises and amazing artifacts to let you browse from the comfort of your own home. 2017 will bring many more artifacts, books, documents, you name it-- all from our archives and your Eagle County Historical Society museum! 


If you see this logo, you know you're on the right track!


And all of this is possible because of you, our patrons and supporters.

I couldn’t scan photos, complete metadata, encapsulate maps, make collection guides, digitize pioneer letters, without you! The new year will bring a new exhibit case, where we will feature artifacts from our holdings as well as Eagle County Historical Society, more history events, and even more artifacts from historic Eagle County for you.  


You could have a piece of Eagle County history. We always accept donations to our holdings and work within any of your concerns for your items. The truth is, our archives is a collection of family heirlooms, photographs, and memories. It's just not possible without you. Stop by my office for more information, I'd love to chat about my preservation processes, how we store items, and what happens if something is donated to our library or historical society.  


See you in 2017! 

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