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Carpet Replacement Project

Avon Public Library

The Avon Public Library is getting new carpet! The carpet replacement project will begin Monday, August 27 and is anticipated to take several weeks to complete. Since the library is home to more than 77,000 separate items including books, movies, audiobooks, newspapers, etc.; over one hundred bookshelves, tables, chairs and 20 computers, installing new carpeting is a major undertaking. The library will remain open! The project will be staged including high traffic areas, so at times portions of the library's collection will be inaccessible. We apologize for any inconvenience.


When will this project occur?

The project will start Monday, August 27 and is expected to go on for four weeks.

Will the library be open?

Yes! The library will remain open throughout the project by staging the installation. This means closing off certain sections to the public and staff. Patrons will likely find the library different every day.

How will I get the items I want?

Staff can assist patrons in searching for and retrieving items. At times, certain sections will be temporarily off-limits even to staff. Patrons are encouraged to use our online catalog to reserve items by placing holds.

Can I still print and use the computers?

Yes! There will be a "limited number" of public internet computers and a printing station available on the first floor, temporarily. After the lower level is carpeted patrons will be able to access the computers and printing stations as before.

Will I still be able to attend library programs like storytime, teen night, and book club?

Thank you for letting us know library programs are important to you! Yes, our library programs will continue and staff will be able to direct patrons to new meeting locations in the library if needed. Please note the Storytime Break from August 26 thru September 8.

Why is the library replacing the carpet?

The Avon Public Library averages 500 visitors a day and that kind of traffic can wear on carpet. The carpet installed in 2009 is showing signs of this wear as tiles have become unglued and warped, which presents a hazard to public safety. In addition, this is a standard replacement and update cycle of carpeting for the District. This routine and proactive maintenance is a part of keeping our buildings looking great.


Estimated Project Timeline (schedule will be updated as project advances)

Prior to start date:

  • Internet computers and the internet printing station will move from the lower level to the first floor, temporarily. There will be fewer internet computers available during the first few weeks of the project.

Monday, August 27 - Friday, September 7:

  • The lower level will be closed to the public. Library staff will search for and retrieve items to the best of their ability.
  • While carpet is being installed, major shifting of materials and furniture will be underway.

Monday, September 10 - Thursday, September 20

  • The lower level reopens. Internet computers and printing move back downstairs.
  • First floor carpet installation begins. Sections of the first floor will be closed to the public to accommodate the work. Library staff will search for and retrieve items to the best of their ability.

Friday, September 21

  • Target for completion!



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