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The Dutch House posted by Robyn

The Dutch House is the latest title by award winning author Ann Patchett.  It is a coming of age story told by Danny, the younger of two siblings.  Danny and older sister Maeve live in an estate called the Dutch House, outside of Philadelphia.  Their father Cyril Conroy has a knack for investments, and bought the estate for his wife years before, which propelled the family from poverty to wealth.  But

Two Books by Books in Bloom Author Carter Wilson posted by Robyn

Alice is a young woman who survived a vicious stabbing years ago when she was 14.  Her father was a successful writer of a pop-culture graphic novel series featuring a bartender named Mister Tender.  The popularity of his fictional character resulted in this crime, committed by twin classmates who were obsessed with Mister Tender to the point of feeling they were being directed by him to stab her.  After the assault, a traumatized Alice left her home in England with her mother and brother and moved to America, in order to seek anonymity.  She spent years trying to put the incident behind he

High Country Speaker Series

The mission of the High Country Speaker Series is to encourage environmental awareness, inspire positive relationships with the natural world, and to create thought provoking dialogue in our community. The 2020 series is focusing on public lands.Michael Kodas, author of Megafire will be talking about his book with some focus on the callenges of fighting fires on Public Lands.  

Introduction to Yogic Meditation

Meditation is a practice that is rooted in almost all spiritual traditions. When people hear “yoga” they tend to think of physical postures, but that is only a very small part of what yoga has to offer.  In this workshop, we will talk about some of the myths of meditation, learn about the process of meditation from a traditional yoga perspective and experience specific types of meditation to start off your own practice at home.