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Rebecca posted by Robyn

Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier was published in 1938, and remains a timeless and thrilling gothic romance that keeps readers guessing until the very last page. The story is told through the eyes of an unnamed young woman who becomes the second wife of middle-aged widower Maxim De Winter.  He is rich and brooding, and owns the famous Cornwall estate of Manderley.  Rebecca was his first wife who drowned off the

Breath Workshop for World Mental Health Day

What happens to you when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed?  Chances are you muscles are tight, your heart rate has either increased or decreased, your breath is shallow or only in your upper chest, and you aren’t thinking clearly.  One of the most accessible and quickest ways to manage these symptoms is through the breath.  Most of us don’t breathe effectively or efficiently, leading to chronic stress and anxiety.

Never Have I Ever posted by Robyn

Amy Whey is living an ordinary yet idyllic life.  She is happily married with a baby boy, and has a great relationship with her teenage stepdaughter.  Amy enjoys her career as diving instructor, and her best friend Charlotte runs the neighborhood book club, which Amy agrees to host in her home.  One fateful night, Amy's secure lifestyle is threatened with the arrival of a new woman on the block.  Angelica Roux is a single mom to a teenage boy.  She is mysterious, beautiful, and dominant.  This charming and charismatic women turns the book discussion into a  game of "Never Have I Ever", simi

Haunted History

Eagle County’s early history involves more than adventurous miners and hard-toiling farmers. There are also stories to be told about murder, tragedy, and perhaps the ghosts of a pioneer or two who just don’t seem to be at rest. And what about that shadowy monster that was blamed in early decades for the mysterious disappearances of miners and soldiers? Join local historian Kathy Heicher for a Halloween version of local history and an entertaining evening at the Avon Library.

Free College Application Day

Applying for college this year? Don’t want to pay application fees? Look no further! YouthPower365 and Eagle Valley Library District are partnering to offer you help to complete your application and participate in Colorado Free Application Day.  To take advantage of this opportunity, we recommend having all admissions application materials prepared and reviewed before October 15.   
Snacks and 1:1 help provided.