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Books in Bloom Author Jenn McKinlay posted by Robyn

In Paris is Always a Good Idea, 29-year-old Chelsea Martin has felt a hole in her life since losing her mother to cancer seven years before.  She is less than thrilled when her dad announces his engagement to a woman he’s been dating for two weeks.  Chelsea is successful in her career fundraising for the American Cancer Coalition in Boston, but decides she is ready for a change.  She wants

Books in Bloom Author Meg Waite Clayton posted by Robyn

Nanee is the heroine in The Postmistress of Paris, Clayton's most recent novel and a historical fiction story taking place during WWII.  Nanee has led a charmed life – one of wealth and privilege – she is a beautiful and adventurous young woman.  The book begins as she flies an aircraft into Paris, with her poodle Dagobert by her side.  She meets her brother Danny at an art gallery, and makes the acquaint

Books in Bloom posted by Robyn

What do authors Karen Abbott, Melanie Benjamin, and Carter Wilson have in common?  Not only are they all best-selling authors with several books to their names, they are each speaking at Eagle Valley Library District’s Books in Bloom, an afternoon celebration of authors and reading which will resume after a two-year hiatus.  This year’s event is from 2 – 5 pm on Saturday, April 30th, at the Westin in Avon.

Two Books by Books in Bloom Author Karen Abbott posted by Robyn

The Ghosts of Eden Park: the Bootleg King, the Women who pursued him, and the Murder that shocked Jazz-Age America is true crime at its best.  It is a factual account about prohibition that reads somewhat like a novel.  German immigrant George Remus was a self-made man who turned himself from pharmacist to lawyer to successful trafficker of whiskey.  By 1921, he

Two Books by Books in Bloom Author Carter Wilson posted by Robyn

Alice is a young woman who survived a vicious stabbing years ago when she was 14.  Her father was a successful writer of a pop-culture graphic novel series featuring a bartender named Mister Tender.  The popularity of his fictional character resulted in this crime, committed by twin classmates who were obsessed with Mister Tender to the point of feeling they were being directed by him to stab her.  After the assault, a traumatized Alice left her home in England with her mother and brother and moved to America, in order to seek anonymity.  She spent years trying to put the incident behind he

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore posted by Robyn

Lydia Smith is a clerk at the Bright Ideas Bookstore.  She is a popular bookseller with a loyal fan base of book shop regulars, nicknamed the BookFrogs.  One of her biggest fans is a troubled young man named Joey Molina.  Life takes a turn for Lydia one night before closing the store.  After hearing mysterious noises upstairs, she comes across her friend, dangling from a ceiling beam in an apparent suicide.

The Blue Hour posted by Robyn

The Blue Hour is a true love story to the mountains and the people who live in them.  It is a quiet collection of interweaving short stories which result in a beautifully written novel.  Each chapter focuses on a resident in the small community of fictional Blue Moon Mountain, Colorado.  The first narrative sets the tone when Sy, the town’s local and beloved veterinarian, commits suicide.  His death

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library posted by Robyn

Kit is a librarian at Robbers Public Library is in small town Riverton, New Hampshire.   Though the library hosts an assortment of regular library patrons, Kit has isolated herself and rarely socializes outside of working hours.  She has a past she does not want to talk about, and is content with her solitary life at home.  Things change for her when she meets Sunny, a 15-year-old homeschooled girl with off the grid parents.  Sunny is serving community service at the library for the summer after trying to steal a dictionary.  Kit and Sunny also become friends with Rusty, a regular offbeat p