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Conditions and Permissions

Historical Photographs Conditions and Permissions

The Eagle Valley Library District and Eagle County Historical Society wish to make their materials as widely available as possible. Your interests and ours will be better served by reading the following conditions and procedures for image use and reproduction. Printable Conditions and Permsissions.

Use Fees

The Eagle Valley Library District and Eagle County Historical Society charge a use fee based on their ownership of the physical materials in its collections. For more information regarding fees, please see our “Fee Schedule” document on our website.

Credit & Citation

The user must give proper credit to all photographs used. The preferred citation is as follows:

Courtesy of Eagle County Historical Society, Eagle Valley Library District.

By requesting and submitting payment for photos and in consideration of our supplying photographic images, you agree to the following:

  • All orders must be prepaid and are final.
  • Payment of use fee does not constitute and should not be viewed as permission by a copyright holder to reproduce works that are copyrighted.
  • Eagle Valley Library District gives no exclusive rights for the use of its material.
  • Permission is granted for a one‐time use only.
  • Reproductions of materials from the collections of the Eagle Valley Library District are provided under license agreement for purposes as indicated by the user and agreed upon by the library.
  • All responsibility regarding questions of copyright or invasion of privacy that arise in the use of this material must be assumed by the user.
  • The District requests, and is appreciative of receiving, a copy of the item containing the material that is published or produced.

For any questions regarding image use, policies, and fees, please contact

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