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Dungeons and Dragons

D&D game playThe Eagle Valley Library District is providing online entertainment and engagement through online Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns. We are using, and encourage participants ages 10+.  Accommodations can be made for groups or families that wish to play together. Please fill out this form to participate.

What you need:

  • A computer with a microphone for each player, video is optional.
  • Patience
  • an Internet Connection.

The story:

  • The Lost Mine of Phandelver - Join an expedition to discover the secrets of the Lost Mine of Phandelver.  Goblins, bandits, and mystery await you.

If you are interested in playing or have any questions please e-mail for scheduling and game information.

Gypsum Public Library
Thursdays @ 4:00 - 6:30 pm

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