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The Breath Workshop

Free Event!

What happens to you when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed?  Chances are you muscles are tight, your heart rate has either increased or decreased, your breath is shallow or only in your upper chest, and you aren’t thinking clearly.  One of the most accessible and quickest ways to manage these symptoms is through the breath. Most of us don’t breathe effectively or efficiently, leading to chronic stress and anxiety.  Facilitator Twyla Gingrich is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Addiction Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher. Through yoga techniques, she has found ways to improve her stress management and overall wellbeing.  She is passionate about sharing these tools with others and utilizes them with the people she works with though her business, Samya Yoga Healing.


Thu, 10/10/2019 - 10:00am

Event location

Beaver Creek Community Room

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