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Yogic Meditation

Introduction to Yogic Meditation

You’ve probably been hearing and reading that practicing meditation is highly beneficial for managing mood, gaining more focus and attention, increasing one’s ability to get through challenges more effectively and help with so many health issues. Maybe you’ve even tried meditation and enjoyed it but struggled to keep with it. Maybe you’ve tried it and felt it was ‘too hard’ and your mind just wouldn’t stop going. These are all normal things to happen!

In this workshop, we will talk about some of the myths of meditation, learn about the process of meditation from a traditional yoga perspective and experience specific types of meditation to start off your own practice at home. Plus, you will leave with some resources to help you keep a regular meditation home practice.

Twyla Gingrich, who is owner of Samya Yoga Healing, is a yoga teacher and certified Yoga Meditation Facilitator, who has found the tools of yoga to be highly beneficial in creating a more calm mind state for herself. She loves sharing these tools with others as they are simple, can be practiced anywhere, and are free!


Thu, 05/23/2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Event location

Community Room

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