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Donate to the Archives

People always ask, “Where do you get all of this stuff?!” and we have an easy answer: you! Families, organizations, ranches, homeowners, you name it, have all made generous donations to the Eagle Valley Library District or the Eagle County Historical Society. Ask your friends around the area—I’m sure they know someone who has donated items to our Local History Archives.

I have a giant box of just…stuff! What can I do with it?

No problem, leave the work to us. This is the most common way that items are received and therefore, it’s our specialty. We’ll provide a full list of items that are included to you with no expectation of donation. We’re in the history business, and it’s our business to maintain it. 

I’m not sure I want to donate. Does that mean I can never see these things again?

There are many reservations families have concerning donation. We aim to work within any guidelines you provide to us; after all, these are your belongings. Donors frequently loan photographs, maps, and other flat paper items to the library. Once we have scanned these items, we return them to you in the same condition in which they were received—often better, because our archivist cannot help but put things in archival sleeves and holders for their safety! 

Where do you keep all of these donations you receive?

Your items will be stored in archival safe boxes in a temperature controlled, locked area. Once items are boxed and on the shelf, it’s their final home and they will not be disturbed until an occasion calls for it. These items are then available through an appointment with our Local History Librarian. 

“Donation” isn’t a final destination.

Your items are joining a new family, not forgetting where they came from. Photographs, artifacts, and family heirlooms will always be available to you and your family. If a family member missed out on a photograph that you gave to us, we’ll provide a copy in whatever format or size they request. Our service to you doesn’t end with the donation; it is part of the process to continually update you on happenings in the archive and your family’s donation. 

Still have questions?

We’d love to have you. Come to the Local History Department office on the 2nd floor of our Eagle Public Library where we can look at donation agreements, view our preservation process, discuss the wide array of options and services we provide, and why we’re the best home for your fragile, historical artifacts and photographs. Call 970-328-8800 to make an appointment! 

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