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Tabletop Role-Playing Games

For young adults and adults @ your library!

What are tabletop role-playing games (TRPGs)?

Tabletop role-playing games evolved from strategic games in the early 1970’s, and are a combination of these games and role-playing such as you might find in a mock jury or improv group. Examples of tabletop role-playing games include Shadowrun, Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, and many others, including many favorite stories such as Lord of The Rings, and Star Wars.

Gaming @ the Gypsum Public Library:

We currently have multiple gaming sessions a week:

  • Mondays starting at 4:00pm - 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons in association with Wizards of the Coast's Adventurer's League. This session is for participants 12 years of age and older (young adults and adults welcomed).
  • Wednesdays starting at 5:00pm - tabletop role-playing games (as a part of teen night) for teens going into 6th grade to graduation.

The games we currently have available for the Monday and Wednesday evening game night include Dungeons and Dragons (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 5.0), Shadowrun, GURPS, and Misspent Youth. We are easily able to expand the collection of games based on patron requests.

Available Games:

Dungeons and Dragons is based in high fantasy, with stories of elves, orcs and daring exploits. The game offers easy access to character creation, and the potential for very strategic combat or in depth role-play, as the players desire.

Shadowrun is based largely on the cyberpunk genre that gave us such classics as Blade Runner and Neuromancer. It is set in a near dystopian future, with both magic and technology commonplace among the players. This is a game that will see a person who is largely cybernetic, adventuring side-by-side with an elven wizard and a dwarf controlling a swarm of drones. Character creation in this is more complicated than Dungeons and Dragons, and the play is more role-play oriented.

Where Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun are very focused in subject, GURPS allows players and storytellers to go in a wide variety of directions with their story. GURPS stands for Generic Universal Role-Playing System and was designed with flexibility in mind.  It allows for superheroes, space opera, 19th century realistic historical fiction, cavemen, magic and everything in between. Character creation in GURPS probably takes the longest, but the game system is among the easier to learn.

Join us at the Gypsum Public Library:

  • Monday evenings from 4:00pm - 7:00pm (for ages 12+).
  • Wednesday evenings from 5:00pm - 7:00pm (for teens going into 6th grade to graduation).


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