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Digital Archive 101

Change can be hard, but we are confident you'll love the new Digital Archive. Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to locate, navigate, and discover everything we have to offer! And as always, if you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact the library by phone (970-328-8800) or email us (history@evld.org). We'd love to help! 

Honoring Verne Albertson: Nimon-Walker 2018

First, let's get those details to you: 

What: The 17th Annual Nimon-Walker Award honoring Verne Albertson

Where: Avon Public Library, 200 Benchmark Road in Avon

When: Sunday, April 29th 2-4 PM

Special presentation by Michael Crouser, 2018 Colorado Book Award Finalist; Photographer.


"Beanies, Stick Horses, Marbles, & Mean Chickens: Growing up in Burns, Colorado in the 1940s"

Nimon-Walker Award Event Honored at Governor's Awards

Since 2001, the library has partnered with the Eagle County Historical Society to recognize individuals whose work has helped preserve the history of Eagle County through the Nimon-Walker Award.


When I took over our Local History department, I remember thinking, How can the library give such a specific award every year? There’s really someone in the area every single year that has done something amazing for local history? Wait, that many people are interested in local history?

The answer became very clear: a resounding yes.

H2Know Colorado

Each year, the Eagle Valley Library District and the Walking Mountain Science Center present the High Country Speaker Series.  H2Know Colorado, this year’s winter series, focuses on water, something we’re all interested in, especially given the current drought conditions. As part of the EVLD focus, there is an exhibit of six topographic maps of the Eagle River printed in 1954 by the U.S. Geological Survey.  With accompanying historical photographs from our collection, the exhibit begins at the western end of the Eagle River and goes upstream to the headwaters in six beautifully drawn contour sheets. The seventh sheet is a profile sheet showing the various elevations of the river as it drains Eagle County. Eagle River, looking east, with the town of Eagle in the background, circa 1930. Eagle River, looking east, with the town of Eagle in the background, circa 1930.

Number Crunching: It All Adds Up

When I arrived at the Eagle Valley Library District in 2006, I found a beautiful legacy collection of historical photos collected by the Eagle County Historical Society.  For the most part, they were photographs of photographs, enlarged and printed as 8x10 inch pictures.  Each enlargement was in a plastic sleeve and they were stacked in a filing cabinet.  There were paper indexes [indices for those of us who have been around a while] and photocopies for access. With software and equipment support from the Library District, digitization began in the fall of 2006.  The end result is an online presence for these wonderful images, searchable by keyword, subject and  name. The Hockett House at 203 Howard Street, first image digitized for our website. The Hockett House at 203 Howard Street, first image digitized for our website.

Going, going, gone 1892-2011

Deconstruction of the Nogal-Ping Hotel [built in 1892] at the corner of Capitol St. and Hwy 6 in Eagle is done.  Claude DeGraw took it down, piece by piece.  Some of the pieces will be used elsewhere and some pieces are headed to landfill.  During this process, Eagle County Historical Society member, Sandy Van Campen, took some great photographs of the building and some of the items found inside.  Thanks to Sandy for this documentation which is shared below.