Nimon-Walker Award

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Honoring Verne Albertson: Nimon-Walker 2018

First, let's get those details to you: 

What: The 17th Annual Nimon-Walker Award honoring Verne Albertson

Where: Avon Public Library, 200 Benchmark Road in Avon

When: Sunday, April 29th 2-4 PM

Special presentation by Michael Crouser, 2018 Colorado Book Award Finalist; Photographer.


"Beanies, Stick Horses, Marbles, & Mean Chickens: Growing up in Burns, Colorado in the 1940s"

Year in Review

In case you've been living under a rock... 

2016 rocked for local history! 

It was a banner year for our not-so-little archive and we're taking one more chance to remind ourselves--and thank our patrons-- for all the amazing work we've done this year. Here are my top 5 highlights: 


Nimon-Walker Award Event Honored at Governor's Awards

Since 2001, the library has partnered with the Eagle County Historical Society to recognize individuals whose work has helped preserve the history of Eagle County through the Nimon-Walker Award.


When I took over our Local History department, I remember thinking, How can the library give such a specific award every year? There’s really someone in the area every single year that has done something amazing for local history? Wait, that many people are interested in local history?

The answer became very clear: a resounding yes.

Preservation and Nimon-Walker

What better way to recognize National Preservation Week (April 24-30, 2011) than to celebrate Local History in Eagle County.  Since 2001, the Eagle Valley Library District, in cooperation with the Eagle County Historical society, has recognized individuals whose work has helped preserve the history of Eagle County by the Nimon Walker Award [Jim Nimon and Louise Walker being the first recipients]. The Beck Family of Red Cliff, the eastern end of Eagle County, is the 2011 recipient of the Nimon-Walker Award.  Angela  and her husband, the late Buster Beck, Theodore “Bud” Beck, Russell Beck and other generous members of the Beck family have documented and preserved local history in photographs and writings.  This documentation of over 90 years has been shared with the Eagle County Historical Society and the Eagle Public Library, adding over 350 images to our online collection.