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02/23, 2017

Eleanor Flood is trying...she really is.  Attempting to practice gratitude, be her best self and be present in all her dealings with others; however she usually ends up being her usual messy self.  On the day that she promises herself to really try, to take time with her appearance, play board games with her son, care for her marriage and nurture herself, the universe seems to be conspiring against her.  Instead of the day she has planned, Eleanor’s son decides to fake illness to get to spend a day with his mom, she learns her husband Joe has been telling his receptionist that he is on... more

Featured Adult Database

  • is an online learning site that hosts a constantly growing library of over 3,000 courses that include over 130,000 videos. Courses cover a variety of topics (including business, design, web development and multimedia skills) and software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and open source applications). These courses also feature searchable transcripts that make it easy to find quick answers to questions. Normally, using requires a paid subscription, but as an EVLD library cardholder you can access content from any computer with an Internet connection.  When you first access the database you will need to use your library card number and create a profile and a password.  From then on you can access the database through our website using your library card number and the password you created. View our tutorial!

    **If you forget your password please contact Client Services at 1-888-335-9632 x623 or

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