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For 2022-23 funding

The Eagle Valley Library District has submitted its FCC Form 470 application for eRate funds for the 2022-23 funding year. Vendor questions and the responses are posted here:

We have extended the bid deadline to Feb. 23, 2022.

Where on Eagle Valley Library District property will service need to enter the building?  I do not recall the entry point.  I believe that it is on the east side of the building.  It does have to be run from the entry point to the dataroom which is in the basement and does not have an exterior wall.
Do you own existing underground conduit & handholes on your property being used for existing broadband service?  I do not believe we do but am not certain.
Document downloaded implies bid must be for Gypsum & Eagle Libraries, can we only submit bid for Eagle Library?  Yes, we are looking for service to both libraries but bids can be for one or both.
Can we get Bid Submittal date extended from 2/08/22 which is day before we meet?  No, once we file the Form 470 the dates are set by USAC.

I will try to obtain more information and update these answers.

Update:  I believe that the conduit does indeed come in through the east side of the building, near the point where the addition meets the old building (where the large Trane equipment is).

Update: We will look to see if we are allowed to extend the response period.

Update: We have extended the response period to Feb. 23, 2022.



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